AC2 Keys



These are the various Keys found across dereth. As I find more I will add them.


Icon Key Name Information
Emblem of Order Chest
Asheron's Sigil Chest
Singularity Key Chest
Shadow Totem Chest
Mark of Isin Dule Chest
Writ of the Imperator Chest
Chaos Key  
Corroded Key Quest Ancient Crypt
Drudge Potion Chest Key Quest Drudge Potion Raid
Ethereal Key Quest Ancient Crypt
Ghostly Key Quest Ancient Crypt
Grubby Key  
Mossy Key  
Rusty Key Quest Ancient Crypt
Shrethwarden Key Quest Slay the Srethwarden
Worn Silver Key Quest Salvation of Artefon
Key to Eeruk's Treasury Quest Lord Eeruk's Treasury
General Dreyvon's Key Quest Aerfalle's Generals
Lord Nuvillus' Key Quest Aerfalle's Generals
Baron Colier's Key Quest Aerfalle's Generals
General Sarocete's Key Quest Aerfalle's Generals
Archaic Key Quest Lost Company
Study Key Quest Mysteries of the Skyport
Archive Chest Key Quest Mysteries of the Skyport
Skyport Prototype Key Quest Mysteries of the Skyport
Key to Skyport Crystal Nexus Quest Mysteries of the Skyport
Tower Basement Key Quest Foundry Gates