Hero Titles


Hero Titles

Hero titles are granted when attaining Hero status through the quest Hero Initiation which can be done at level 45. The titles differ from one player to the next due to Class and Kindom affiliation.

For example: A person who is a new Hero Lugian Elementalist and if he is Neutral his title would be, "Initiate Geomancer". If that same player though was Shadow Kingdom affiliated his title would then be, "Initiate Stormcaller".

The titles have 11 levels that augment as the players level increases, the Levels are as follows:

1. Initiate
2. Journeyman
3. Skilled
4. Adept
5. Veteran
6. Elite
7. Grand
8. Illustrious
9. Glorious
10. Exalted
11. Legendary

To break down each Class please use the chart below:

Race Class Neutral Dominion Kingdom Order Kingdom Shadow Kingdom
Drudge Melee Big Boss Strong Boss Nice Boss Bad Boss
Empyrean Heiromancer Pedagogue Inquisitor Freethinker Deciever
Empyrean Mentalist Telepath Mesmerist Empath Transcendant
Empyrean Templar Commander Orthodox Crusader Heretic
Human Alchemist Apothecary Hermeticist Transmuter Calefactor
Human Bounty Hunter Adventurer Agent Swashbuckler Assassin
Human Defender Chevalier Dragoon Knight Gladiator
Human Enchanter Artificer Illusionist Channeler Occultist
Human Ranger Explorer Tracker Warder Stalker
Human Sorcerer Thaumaturge Spellweaver Archmage Warlock
Lugian Berserker Destroyer Conqueror Vanquisher Annihilator
Lugian Elementalist Geomancer Summoner Conjuror Stormcaller
Lugian Juggernaught Sentinel Legionnaire Champion Warlord
Lugian Raider Marauder Subjugator Grenadier Reaver
Lugian Sage Clairvoyant Savant Diviner Doomsayer
Lugian Tactician Strategist Engineer Architect Siegesmith
Tumerok Claw Bearer Shredder Predator Dervish Slayer
Tumerok Feral Intendant Courser Beastspeaker Pack Master Savager
Tumerok Healer Chirurgeon Bonemender Lifebringer Paincrafter
Tumerok Hive Keeper Wasp Master/Mistress Hiveminder Nest Guardian Swarm Lord
Tumerok Invoker Houngan Hierophant Ghost Walker Soulbinder
Tumerok Zealot Disciple Myrmidon Visionary Fanatic

Guide by: David/Skinlab with help from Guimas, Widgeon, and many other members of the community