Crafting: Cartomancers



If a Surveyors Map created from crafting is given to one of these NPC characters they will teleport the player to the general location on the map.

Name Continent Town Coords
Gerhard the Cartomancer Osteth Cragstone 32.8N, 13.3W
Renate the Cartomancer Osteth Cavendo 16.2N, 27.9E
Joachim the Cartomancer Omishan Ikeras 10.3N, 62.5E
Alexis the Cartomancer Omishan Hakata 8.9N, 75.5E
Petra the Cartomancer Linvak Massif Linvak Tukal 10.5S, 31.9W
Norbert the Cartomancer Linvak Massif Ondekodo 20.1S, 31.4W