Crafting: Surveying and Mining


Surveying and Mining.

Surveying and Mining go hand in hand, the better we are at both skill the higher potiential gains from a resource.

This is due to a bonus for a high Surveying skill, which maxes out at 40 extra yield units per swing at 150 Surveying.
The Mining Skills need to be raised individually, but raising Surveying will help all Mining Skills at once.

Open the Surveying Skills tab and select the Osteth Maps section.
As you can see there are alot of different types to mine but you can only do one map at a time.
If you cash in a map you will have to wait five minutes before you can make another unless you have successfully gathered from a mine.
Set your Lifestone possition close by to a Cartographer this will make it easy to knock out maps back to back.
Give the Map to a Cartomancer they will send you directly within the area of your resource map.
As soon as you zone in, double click the map in your pack and open your mini-map and set it to follow your possition.
By double clicking the map before you move anywhere it sets the initial possition that is needed to locate your resource.
In my personal opinion looking at my compass and mini-map help me locate the resource based on the text given.
Choose a direct North, South, East or West direction and when needed to change to go in another direction make it a direct path aswell North, South, East or West.
By doing so it eliminates the chance of straying off course and will help you locate a resource much quicker.

If you pay attention to your map each time you double click your resource map it will place a small marker on your main map.

This marker is color coded based on how close or how far you are from the target.Litte diamonds appear on the map with each click.

They are color coded, and can help you figure out where you need to go.

Red Diamond - Too Far

Orange Diamond - Not to Far

Yellow Diamond - Close

Green Diamond - Very close

Also by reading what the map tells you will give you hints on what direction to take.

Surveying Directions.

First part of message Approximate distance
You're outside the borders of the map In this case if you are currently searching and used a cartographer return to the spot he sent you else go find one.
You are somewhere within the map's borders 2-3 full compasses away
You're not too far from the map's destination 1-2 full compasses away
You're close to the map's destination Over half the diameter of a compass away
You're very close to the map's destination Within one half of a compass distance

Second part of message Direction
You make note of your location so that you can measure your progress The start point - go in any which way
and you feel you're headed in the right direction keep going ahead
and you're sure you're going the right way keep going ahead
and you're making rapid progress keep going ahead
and you're about as close as you were before turn 90 degrees (quarter turn)
but you feel you're headed in the wrong direction turn 180 degrees (one half turn)

Step 1 : Double-click (use) the map to get the starting location. If it says "somewhere ..." or "not too far ...", then its safe to move a few coordinate clicks (1 click = 0.1 radar unit)

Step 2 : Move at least 0.2 radar units in one of the cardinal directions and use the map again, ie East, West, North or South. If it says "but you're sure/you feel you are going the wrong way", then turn 180 degrees and start again in the opposite direction

Step 3 : Use the map again, hopefully the second part of the message will say we are moving in the right direction

Step 4 : Keep moving in the same direction, until we get the message ending with "and you're about as far as last time you checked."

Step 5 : Turn 90 degrees and repeat from Step 2

Step 6 : Repeat until we get the message "You are very close"

Step 7 : Now we are only 0.3 units away in any one of the 3 directions we have not been yet (straight ahead, to our left or to our right)

Misc. Notes

Some tables provided by: TheWizardMoriah

Corrections and additions by: David/Skinlab and Hinhan