Reckoning Gems


Reckoning Gems


Rare Reckoning Gems that reveal ancient Arcanum caches. When I find more this page will be updated. If you have information that is missing or changes that need to be made please let us know on the forums.

Icon Item Name Level Used Location
Eastham Fortress  15 Southern Arwic
Burial Grounds 15  
Dryreach Mounds 15  
Transcendence  15  
Prosper Overwatch 15 Eastern Prosper Outpost
Cragstone 23  
Osteth Armory 23  
Shoushi  23 Shoushi Town
Baishi 30 Northwest Ariaki Outpost
Lugian Excavations 30 Ghost Mines, north of Northwest Lumari Outpost
North Nanto Outpost  30  
Shoyanen's Tower 30  
Hebian-To  35 Northeast of Southern Tou-Tou Outpost
Adherent Sanctuary  35 Between Northeast and Northwest Naderu Outposts
Fort Aimeru 35 Southeast Naderu Outpost
Plains of Ithaenc  35 Ithaenc Cathedral, Vesayen Isles
Colossus' Shadow  40 Northeast Nepeth Outpost
Lich Archmage's Temple 40 Central Stoneshadow Outpost
Mistcurl Vale  40 East of Whitebay
Kara 45 Eastern Oriad Outpost
Lyceum's Shores  45  
Qalaba'r  45 South of East Gevoth Outpost
Tukal Aquaduct 45  
Tukal Slopes 45  
Central Marae Lassel 50 Central Arramora
Southeast Marae Lassel 50 Southeast Arramora
West Marae Lassel  50 West Arramora
Esper's Rim  55  
Neydisa  55  
Northwest Marae Lassel 55 Northwest Arramora
Northeast Marae Lassel 55 Northeast Arramora