Crafting: Spellbinding



This skill allows us to separate a spell from a loot item and put it into a item that can be used on other items of the same level or within five levels under the item you took the spell off of in the form of a Totem.

Totems can be used on other items with one or more free Slots for spells including all crafted and looted weapons and armor.

To do this we need Essences which come in the form of trophies. Which are random drop from many creatures around Dereth.

A Essences Chart has been provided in the crafting section of this website

Each Essences are only relevant to one particular class of Loot items.

Recipes ask for a trophy that has a given Essence.

The Minor Essence will rip off a random spell, but this won't be a problem on loot items with only one spell.

The Major Essence will rip off all possible spells, but it costs more in resources

The following chart will guide you into knowing what essences are needed for what type items.

Class Minor Essence Major Essence
Melee Weapons Anger Wrath
Missile Weapons Cunning Guile
Magic Weapons Courage Valor
Human Armor Reason Inspiration
Tumerok Armor Empathy Wisdom
Lugian Armor Tenacity Fortitude
Shields Caution Vigilance

For more information about the various types of *Spell Effects* that can be obtained check our Spell Effects Guide written by: Billy Mountain.