Hero Update #31
Date: 2013-11-10

As previously mentioned in a prior update Images have been added to the Dyes section, thanks to -Dr Brain- for his contributions. Over 40+ quests XP values have been updated to the beta 4 values. Many thanks to -Grudge- for working on the number crunching and validation of the XP. At current the Layout changeover and Beta 4 updates are at around 98% complete. Enjoy!

Hero Update #30
Date: 2013-11-08

Fixed a few bugs that presented themselves from the layout update. The total site change is about 95% complete and should be completed over the next few days. Some of the changes I am working on will allow me to build on some of the areas such as Items in a more fluid way. Hope everyone likes the new ac2h. Enjoy!

Hero Update #29
Date: 2013-11-02

Currently implementing the new website layout. Certain areas of the website may be unavailable during this process. If an area is unavailable please check back in a few minutes.

Hero Update #28
Date: 2013-10-30

Currently working on some new features and a new layout for the website while also doing my best to get the quests XP values updated from the last patch. I also have some armor dye images which were recently donated that will be posted.

Beta Update #4
Date: 2013-10-21

Made corrections to several NPCs locations in the database. Updated the Coords in eight-teen of the affected quests. 6 new NPCs added. Currently working on updating the XP, portal and ringway locations, NPC locations and the various other quest related changes released in #4. If anyone has found any changes I have missed feel free to send me an e-mail.

Beta Update #3 - Preview
Date: 2013-07-05

As per forum posts about the next patch which was slated for June, it has been pushed back sometime after the July 4th holiday. A preliminary list of things to come in the next patch as posted by NoWorries:

1. The majority of quests have had their XP rewards increased (this goes for all level ranges). Some quests have also had their level ranges adjusted slightly as well.
2. Incursions have been standardized to once a day quests.
3. More Armoredillos and Green Wasps have been added to Arwic to help with completing the kill tasks there.
4. The Miller of Kehan now gives a recipe for a map and teleports the player near to the maps destination to give a more accurate intro to surveying.
5. The Esper Warder has had some dialog adjustments to make the steps of the quest more clear.
6. The Warder of Cragstone now gives both the Cragstone Excavation and Find the Warder Corporal quest at the same time. - With the Cragstone Excavation quest being a group challenge, we wanted to give players who couldn't get the quest finished guidance on where to continue their journey so they wouldn't hit a big roadblock on what to do next.
7. The Warder Corporal has been moved into Rithwic and now gives both the Isle of Tears and Find the Warder Scout quest at the same time.
8. The Warder Scout has been moved to Molwirth, along with the Drudge Fort, to give more exposure to another town.
9. The items for the Broth of Tanacha quest have been increased in frequency. The start of the quest has been moved to north of Rithwic so players are exposed to it at the same time they begin killing the creatures necessary to complete the quest.
10. Portals, and some NPCs, have been moved around in the Osteth towns to make the experience more intuitive and easier to navigate.
11. Pluck the Stray Darkenfowl has become Pluck the Darkenfowl and now starts at the Omishan drop spot. All Darkenfowl now count toward the kill task.
12. Cleanse the Burial Mound items drop more frequently.
13. Reaper Madness Horns(Reaper Madness), Banderling Badges(Banderling Trounce P2)and Mire Wasp Stingers(Mystic Rituals) also drop more frequently.

Hero Update #27
Date: 2013-06-30

After an extensive battle vs. the Chinese and Russian spam botters over the last few months. We had no other course but to move away from the out-dated forum version the server host provided to a more updated version. Sadly the members database for it could not be rolled over tot this new version, we do encourage you to re-sign up if you had an account previously. More sections have been added as well as more features. Thank you for your support and understanding. I have also been working through the walk-through images and updating them with higher resolution versions. Several Quests have been updated, thanks to Guimas for pointing the errors out. As always ... Enjoy!

Hero Update #26
Date: 2013-06-16

After a month plus of working on this side project, I have now released the Skill Calculator, it still has a few quirks but the values in it are pretty solid, Thanks to Project Pyreal and BlackSunshineTJ for giving me a hand with coordinating the matching of skills to tables, as well to the seven people who supplied their XP trees, getting this calculator to this point could not have happened without you guys! Most of the remaining issues with the calculator will be addressed as time allows. But, the calculator now works across Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. Enjoy!!

Hero Update #25
Date: 2013-06-08

!!!! I need your help! Please send me your skill tree info! (Skill Name - Skill Level - XP needed to raise) also include your Race. Send this Info to This information will allow me to complete this massive project to bring you a fully working up to date Skill Calculator. The scripting is almost complete but I can not release it until I get alot more info from you guys!!!!

Hero Update #24
Date: 2013-06-03

Now with 99% of the known quests listed, I can begin the process of improving other areas of the site. Such as, reworking the Items section, Adding more information to the crafting section, building some leveling guides. Getting a Skill Calculator operational that works across the top four browsers(Could use some help from JavaScript guru's). Another thing I am thinking about doing is adding a comments section to many of the pages here, this will allow you to point out things I've missed, or to help others find what they are looking for. If at anytime you find a issue with a quest, such as not being able to get the quest at its posted level, or anything that could be better explained let me know. I will get those changes done as fast as possible.

Hero Update #23
Date: 2013-05-23

Finally in the home stretch to completing the vast list of quests. Aside from the Knorr quests i am down to single digits for Omishan and Linvak. 20 Quest have been added over the last week. The site has now officially surpassed ac2vault's number of quest walkthroughs by over a hundred. I decided to remove the flip images section that was once above this news section after viewing it across 5 different browsers it just seemed a bit to much. I am still in need of the Hero Titles from the Empyrean classes Heiromancer and Mentalist who are aligned with a Kingdom, this will allow me to finish up a new table for the site. If anyone out there is willing to write up a good Class Guide(Any Class) I'd like to post it. I would still love to have a few people lend a hand in helping me find and correct errors Krelleon has definitely helped me out a lot lately finding a few so I want to say Kudos to him for lending me his sharp eyes.

Hero Update #22
Date: 2013-05-13

For Update #22, I have alot for you, 24 quests added since last update, website layout redone, reworked the site search to get away from the google search which was just a temorary addition. There will be a screenshots section added as soon as you guys start sending me your leet-ness. I will also have a video section setup once I can find someone willing to do some video guides or if I can talk the kind people at turbine in to doing developer video-blogs. Much like the ones they do at, players know whats coming down the pipe way ahead of time. Though im sure this is something that wont happen very soon. I finished up the write-ups for Temple of Elemental Light, and Cleanse the Chaos Forge be sure to check those out. I will also be setting up a Allegiance of the Week, this will put a spot light on various Allegiances as the weeks go on. I removed the translator for the time being, but have plans on finding a way to integrate it again later on(maybe.. 98% of the visitors are en-us). There are still a few bugs that can only be done on the main server, and I will address them over the next coming days. I know the margin on the quest are up againt the left border, ill have to edit each individual page to square that away but I will have that fixed soon. The next phase of the site will be the completion of the quest write-ups, as a rough estimate 66 are left to finish.

Hero Update #21
Date: 2013-05-03

For Update #21 I had to do a little extra something for you guys. BAMM you now have a Site Search under the Search menu, had several people ask me for this feature, you now have it!. and BAMM you now have complete!! XP Charts, these were provided for you by Project Pyreal these can be found in the Guides menu. I also fixed the page the link below referenced. Added two more starters to Arramora's Incursions and updated a few more quests information.

Beta Update #2: Patch Info
Date: 2013-05-02

I went and completed all the kill quest that were modified by the patch. this Link will take you to a page with all the updated values. Enjoy

Hero Update #20
Date: 2013-04-30

Busy busy busy, prepping for the release of the new longly awaited Beta Patch 2 that has been reconfirmed to release this Tuesday. In this past week 40 new Quests and the Arramora Exigencies have been added. Updated 10 other quests that lacked quest text. Project Pyreal has provided you guys with new Crafting Experience Tables, hopefully we will see more of their work here on the site soon. Again Guimas has provided more Dungeon Maps for you guys, make sure you thank him for all his hard work as much as I do!, Enjoy Everyone!

Beta Update #2: Patch Notes
Date: 2013-04-25

For all you ready to see the new changes that will be made in the up coming patch Tolero made this post:
So even though the tech folk are working on login issues, I didn't want to hold out on the release notes for much longer for the anticipated AC2 patch that got moved to next week. Click here for an early look at what's coming in Beta Update 2!

Beta Update #2: Patch Delayed
Date: 2013-04-24

As per the AC2 Forums Severlin made the following post:
Our AC2 patch was delayed. We found some issues with our build process that caused problems with the build. We are working on those issues right now and hope to have the AC2 build out to you at the latest next Tuesday.

Hero Update #19
Date: 2013-04-22

Took a break from playing and quest writing to finish some of the projects I have had on the back burner, NPCsearch is now live. After completing the script I went through each of the current quest write-ups and updated them with the content from this new feature. You will now be able to search for a given NPC and it will provide you there coords, location and all the quest they are involved with. While performing this task I also made some corrections to the various quests, made a slight adjustment to the visited link color so you can tell the pages you have already gone too. I also setup an email account just for submissions and corrections or to send me love letters Hahahah, I removed the Items sections from the menu that took you to under-construction pages they will be put back once the content is finished. Renamed Crafting Primer to Beginning Crafting in the Crafting menu as I think my military terms took over when I made that menu name. Updated the potions once more. Added 10 more quests since the last update posting. Guimas stepped up again and provided many new dungeon maps that have been missing, so a big Thanks! goes to him. and as always... Enjoy!

Hero Update #18
Date: 2013-04-16

Corrected Quest starter coords for Omishan-Darkstone quest. Corrected various QP numbers, thanks to Xendrane for the values. Changed the layout of the Quest and main page section of the site. Added 35 more quests to the listing over the past week. Added Vothardun, Chaos Eidolon, Chaos Plane - Spiral maps to the map section. Updated the Potions, Reckoning Gems item listings. Thanks goes to everyone who has given me input on improvements for the site.

Hero Update #17
Date: 2013-04-10

Added a few more quest since yesterday. Moved most of the old news to its own page. I am still not back home yet, on site at MACCDC, but should be back home later in the week.

Hero Update #16
Date: 2013-04-09

Currently still away from my home computer but plenty of time in hotels has given me the chance to do a few quest write-ups for you guys. A new quest series for a Deru Berl (Vigor regeneration increased by 25% buff) that starts with the quest Burun Interdiction, within the 18 quests added. Kudos to Grudge for his research on this

Hero Update #15
Date: 2013-04-01

Added Quite a few Knorr Wilds quests to the quest section. Added several maps the site was missing(special thanks to Guimas for allowing me to add them). This coming weekend I will be out of town, If you do a quest i do not have, save the info and post it in our forums(icons, NPC text, XP and times from quest would be awesome), you will get full credit for doing so. A huge thanks to Lost-Company Allegiance. for helping me these last few days.

Hero Update #14
Date: 2013-03-30

Added more quests to the listing, including those from Shoushi, more from Hakata, Arramora, Linvak. and a few more from Omishan. Updated the links in the Armor section. Added the Dillobell to the instruments section.

Hero Update #13
Date: 2013-03-23

So... I took the time and helped a few people that were not getting help in general chat on a few quest and it lead me in the direction of a few quest I have never seen before. So without further hesitation they have been added to the Quest listing in the mix with 30 more quests! Soon I will be able to finish up all the quests under level 50 and be able to focus on the 50+. I am sure a few of you are wondering "where is this database with all this stuff in it", to clarify.. it will go up once a few zones I have not been able to access yet can be, I also want to make sure the formatting will work with how I have things setup currently. All I can ask is patientence.

Hero Update #12
Date: 2013-03-13

New member of the team Spazmeister, who has released his first guide Art of Growing Plant Dyes. I also added the three Armor of the Ancients (Knights, Lords,Kings) quests and Shoyenan's Solutions, The Blood of Tyrants(pet tyrant) quest, The complete Olvidan Farm quest line from Pumping Iron to Dillo Rancher, and the Dillo Rustler(pet Dillo) quest. Enjoy!

Hero Update #11
Date: 2013-03-11

Added another 20+ Quests since the last update. I did some work on the Motes section(slowly getting rid of the Construction pages). Looking for a Videographer to make some How-To and Walkthroughs for the site. I am also still in need of a co-writer to help populate the quest write-ups. I am ideally looking for someone who knows how to use screenshot software, notepad, image editing software is a plus and who is also a systematic thinker. As i have stated on the AC2 forums even if i have to build this site alone I will continue to do so simply for the love of the game(though I am not sure you wanna hear my redneck voice in a how-to video, "yawl, gotta go 'ere and fetch up dis thingy"). I also updated a few more items on Essence table 1 and Essence table 2 for all you crafters. I may eventually move these updates to there own section for News so i can free up the front page for more specific game related info.

Hero Update #10
Date: 2013-03-06

Added another 16 Quests since the last News posting. Also did a tweek to all the pages you most likely will not even notice. As I have done before I worked out some uniformity issues across the pages.

Hero Update #9
Date: 2013-03-03

Added 18 more quest, with a mix of Osteth and Linvak Massif, Including the Hero Initiation quest, Soulbound Weapons for Osteth and Linvak. I finally hit hero on my main character to expect to see alot more in the coming weeks being I can finally get access to the other two continents. This will also allow me to finish up those databases you all been wondering when I would release... I promise they are on their way. Another side job for me will be to implement a way for you to see what Crafts what items are for, we will see how that goes and how the database will play a part with that. I am hoping to complete many more quest this weekend.

Hero Update #8
Date: 2013-02-27

Added 16 more quest walkthroughs, more of those unlisted anywhere. Added Dungeon Map section to Maps. I've slowly been building on to the bulk of commonly searched for information. Spread the word about ac2hero, and help this site grow. As always i'm still seeking more help from writers to help build on the growing quest walkthrough section. I am also seeking people who are know their class like the back of their hand that would be willing to provide Class Guides. Contact me in-game or through our forums.

Hero Update #7
Date: 2013-02-23

The past few days I have added over 30 quest walkthroughs, most of which have not been recorded anywhere else, So... can say it was the first. I will be updating the essence tables once more shortly.

Hero Update #6
Date: 2013-02-18

Today I added a Spell Effects guide provided by Billy Mountain with his consent. I did some more consistency fixes and added six more quest guides. In my spare time I been running all around Dereth to gather coords for a future database that will house Landmarks, NPC, Lifestone, Town Centers, Outposts, Points of Interest, Dungeons and Portals this will allow you access to more information from the guides and walkthroughs. The Items section is still in the works I will most likely condense this section into its own database where you can select a given section or do a search for a given item, in my opinion it would make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.I will also be providing some updated Map content here in the coming weeks. I am hoping this will increase the usefulness of this site and provide expanded accurate data for everyone. The feedback I have so far received has been positive and the ones who have pointed out things they would like to see.. well.. its in the works :). Thank You again for your continued encouragement.

Hero Update #5
Date: 2013-02-13

OK guys major site update new paging system that will help make the new additions i have planned for the future easier to implement. I also added a new menu system that should be cross browser compatible. I added more data to the Crafting - Essence Table, Added Commands to the Guides section, moved the search section to its own menu item(this will be were the other database searches will end up too),removed the bright white in all the tables(I had complaints about it making it hard to read the data - so I fixed it :) ). I still need walk-through writers !!!!!, I know you're out there, Sign-up on the Forums and lets make this happen!

Hero Update #4
Date: 2013-02-10

I understand there was some issues setting up accounts on our forums, i do apologize for the problems. I have fixed the problem and accounts can now be created. I have also been working on the finishing touches to a Bestiary, I am hoping this will be available within the week.

Hero Update #3
Date: 2013-02-08

The Bestiary is now live, Fixed a few consistency issues across the pages, added links to bestiary across all quests and crafting areas. Reworked some style sheet issues and changed the link colors. Added some coords to several pages for cartographers and various other NPCs. A NPC database is in the works, as well as finishing up the Items listings. Slow and steady growth, would love to hear your feedback on the forums.

Hero Update #2
Date: 2013-01-13

Today i have added some more items to the Items Listing slowly but surely i will have the vast majority of them listed and i can start the next phase of the sites development. Which will be primarily the Quest and Guides so I can direct the Items to their perspective Quests. I am still in need of people to help out with the Quest Walkthroughs. So if you are willing sign up on our forums.

Hero Update #1
Date: 2013-01-09

Hopefully in the coming weeks this site will be fully up and running. I have been working to gather as much data as i can from in-game aswell as across the internet to put all the things a player needs to find into one location. As it stands most of the data around the internet right now is vastly out of date i am hoping this site will fill that void and bring you exact locations for quests, and up to date crafting solutions. I hope you all as fellow players will help me by bringing me your knowledge. Feel free to use the forums as a place you can call your own. I am currently searching for staff members to help me for more information go to our Forum post. For now know the site is still under construction so some links are not complete.