Crafting: Butchering



Create your first Hunting Knife

  1. Open your skills panel and select the Crafting Tab to the right side of the window.
  2. Scroll down the list until you see Tools and click the arrow icon next to it.
  3. You will see Starter Tools listed, click the arrow icon next to it.
  4. You will see Crude Hunting Knife listed , Click on the set of Calipers icon next to it and a Ingredients window will open.
  5. As you can see no Ingredients are needed for this recipe so we will just press Craft at the bottom of the Window.
  6. After doing so you will see a Star effect over your head this indicates you have performed it successfully.
  7. Your new Knife will now be in your Inventory.
  8. Drag the knife to your center hotkey bar(any location 1-0).

Hunting Knife Durability

All tool have a duribility rating and will slowly count down to zero as we use it. Once this number reaches zero it will self destruct and remove itself from our Inventory. When this happens we will need to make another.

As your skills improve you will want a better knife that will allow you to gain bonus items per use. you can find these knives in (Tools > Resource Tools > Hunting Knife). You will need a few resources to craft these better tools mainly Wood, which can be farmed using the starter tool Crude Hatchet.

Using your Knife

You will not be able to butcher anything less than (or exactly) eight levels below your character level.

  1. Kill a monster and loot his contents by double clicking his body.
  2. Close the loot window.
  3. Press the hotkey number you placed your knife on or single click the Crude knife icon on the hotkey bar.
  4. A circle mouse icon is now visable, click your mouse on the looted body of the monster.
  5. Information text will show in your chat window telling you what and how much of the traits you have collected of Bone, Chitin, Hide, Sinew or Tallow.