Crafting: Workshops



 There are three kinds of workshops:
  • Crafting Workshop - to make Armor, Weapons and Tools
  • Refining workshop - to make Steel, Dramastic, Moonglass, Tukalite and Runewood
  • Spellbinding Workshop - to convert spells from looted items into Totems

All three types of workshops can be found in:

Continent Town Crafting Workshop Refining Workshop Spellbinding Workshop
Osteth Cragstone 32.1N, 13.4W 32.8N, 13.3W 32.2N, 12.0W
Osteth Cavendo 16.0N, 28.8E 16.2N, 27.9E 16.2N, 28.9E
Omishan Ikeras 10.7N, 62.1E 9.9N, 62.1E 9.6N, 63.2E
Omishan Hakata 8.6N, 75.4E 8.8N, 75.5E 8.7N, 76.1E
Linvak Massif Linvak Tukal 10.1S, 31.2W 10.5S, 31.6W 10.1S, 31.7W
Linvak Massif Ondekodo 19.9S, 31.2W 20.1S, 31.4W 20.1S, 31.2W

By: David - Skinlab