Armor of Ancient Lords


Quest Name: Armor of Ancient Lords

Requirements: Level 20+


      250,000 XP
      30,000 Quest Points
      Boots of the Ancient Lords
      Breastplate of the Ancient Lords
      Gloves of the Ancient Lords
      Greaves of the Ancient Lords
      Helm of the Ancient Lords

Time Limit: 2 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Minauri (24.7N, 8.0E), near Rithwic


Minauri tells you,
"Greetings, adventurer. Evil has come to the heart of Osteth and now festers in the fabled ruins of Artefon. The remains of the greatest lords of the Golden Age were put to rest past the eastern banks of the River Artefon. After this season's events I fear for their sanctity. Please, journey east across the river, find the tombs, and report back to me. In return, I will pass on my knowledge of the arts required to create the Armor of the Ancient Lords, whose remains I send you now to investigate. Go now, I shall remain here and hope for happy news upon your return."

You will now have to find the 6 tombs of each Lord along the eastern shore of the Lake Artefon basin.

Tomb of Lord Aleval: 22.2N, 10.0E
Tomb of Lord Aurutis: 21.8N, 8.1E
Tomb of Lord Ralirea: 19.4N, 9.7E
Tomb of Lord Shoyanen: 17.7N, 10.1E
Tomb of Lord Tikauri: 15.9N, 10.4E
Tomb of Lord Ulkas: 14.9N, 10.7E

After double clicking on each of the tombs, the quest info should update each time. Return and speak to Minauri (24.7N, 8.0E), near Rithwic

Minauri tells you,
"Tima was correct to bring me here. He has reported similar disturbances on the western shore of the river as well. The systematic desecration of Artefon's graves does not bode well for our future, my friend. I have too much to think about now, but before you leave, I will reward you as promised. A miner by the name of Ihipona recently claimed that she discovered the long lost Sapphire Mines of Ulkas, the great Master Smith. Word of her discovery traveled from the Shim Mountain Range near the Ariaki region - if you found her there, she may be able to help you find the sapphires to complete your armor. Another acquaintance, Orlen Jarlns, has found Shoyanen's lost method of imbuing sapphires. He is living near her old tower now."

Now you will need to obtain 17 White Pyreals and 12 Sapphires To obtain 17 White Pyreals can be looted from Buruns or found on the ground around the Vesayan Isles and Farali Wastes. For Sapphires You can do this one of two ways. You can locate and kill the Undead Lords that randomly spawn around near the Lords tombs, they drop 1 ruby each, or you can go to the Sapphire Mines.

To get to the Sapphire Mines you will need one White Pyreal to give to Ihipona (6.1N, 46.5E) east of the northern Kydi outpost. Give him the Ferrous Pyreal and enter the mines. There are 3 mines that you can mine from. Remember you need 12 Sapphires which is all you will be allowed to mine anyway from the quest Ihipona gives you. In most cases you may need a group or a high level player to join you to help clear the mine in this case you will need a White Pyreal for each of those members to enter the Mine.

A note: If you open your Skills window, Crafting tab, scroll down to Quest Recipes you will see a section called Mines of Ulkas, inside you once you have given the pyreal, Click the Mine Emerald recipe. Select the mine and use the recipe to do the mining for you. This will allow multiple fellowship members to mine at the same time. Mining by just clicking on the mine will prevent you from mining if someone else is already in the process of doing so

White Pyreal 1 to enter mine, 16 needed to make the armor, + one for each person to help in the mines not doing the quest
 Sapphire 12 needed to make the armor.

You will need a Shadow Totem and Aconite for the next part of the quest, Shadow Totems are found from random drops or you can possibly find one in the Curiosities Shop in Cragstone or other major city. Aconite can be found in the Kydi Delta Region on the ground or purchased from a Curiosities Shop in one of the major cities.

Shadow Totem 1 needed to give to Orlen Jarlns for Shoyanen's Solution Quest
Aconite You will need a minimum of 5 maximum of 7 of these plants for the Shoyanen's Solution Quest,

Once you have the Sapphires and the Shadow Totem you will need to make your way to Mayoi, Once you are in Mayoi travel southeast to Orlen Jarlns (5.7S 49.2E).

Orlen Jarln tells you,
"Greetings stranger. My former research led me here to the famed tower of Shoyanen Kenchu. Through my excavation near this tower I discovered her lost recipes for the infusions which allowed Master Smith Ulkas to imbue the gems of his Armor of the Ancients with magic beyond compare. As my scholarly focus includes many subjects, I also believe the objects within the Hoard of Chaos deserve further research. I am now willing to make an exchange - bring me a Shadow Totem, and I will give you my Alembic, instruct you in its use, and show you how to imbue the jewles from the Ulkas mines with power."

You will need to hand him a Shadow Totem key to start the Shoyanen's Solutions quest.

Orlen Jarln tells you,
"Thank you! There has been a small amount of geothermal activity in the lesser isles of western Ariaki, eastern Lumari, and the Mist Curl Vale of Oriad. Fill up this Alembic with Mineral Water from one of the Geysers that have sprung up in each of these areas. Combine the Aconite flowers that grow here in the Kydi Delta and the Ariaki River Delta with this Mineral Water into an infusion and give it to me for inspection. I will then show you how to imbue jewels from the Ulkas mines with magic. Keep in mind that the water flowing from each of these regions is subtly different, and when combined with Aconite will yeild a different type of infusion."

Orlen Jarln gives you a Glass Alembic which will be used to collect the waters for the solution

Glass Alembic

Travel to the Coralen Geyser (27.5N, 89.4E). You can reach this area from Orlen Jarln's location by travelling back to Mayoi and taking the Gateway to Ikeras(4.5S, 44.5E), once you have traveled through the gateway travel northeast tothe portal to Rakani(10.4N, 61.1E), once in Rakani take the portal to Ankoro(27.0N, 55.8E), once in Ankoro take the portal to the Farali Ringway(29.7N, 71.7E) follow the ringway until you reach the Northeast Farali Outpost, from here travel to the Coralen Geyser (27.5N, 89.4E) Hand the Alembic in your inventory to the Coralen Gyser to get Waters of Coralen.

Waters of Coralen

Use the quest recipe to create a Infusion of Aconite. You can find the recipe in your Skills window, Craft tab, Quest Recipes. You will need to repeat this process until you have 9 Decoction of Aconite.

Infusion of Aconite 13 Infusion of Aconite are needed(12 for the Sapphires, and 1 to complete the Shoyanen's Solution quest).

Once you have all 13 return to Orlen Jarlns(5.7S 49.2E) southeast of Mayoi. Hand him one Infusion of Aconite to complete the Shoyanen's Solution quest. He will then give you the recipe needed to imbue the Sapphires. Each Sapphire will need to be imbued with one Infusion of Aconite. You can find the recipe in your Skills window, Craft tab, Quest Recipes. Use the recipe to create 12 Imbued Sapphires

Orlen Jarlns tells you,
"Good job! I shall reserve this infusion for my future research, but take this recipe. I hear the fabled sapphire mines of Ulkas have been discovered by a woman named Ihipona in the Mountain Range near the Ariaki region. This recipe will help you imbue the sapphires from these mines with magical properties that have been lost to the world until now. Good luck in your travels, adventurer."

Imbued Sapphire

You will now be able to create your armor with the combination of the 12 Imbued Sapphires and the 16 White Pyreals by using the recipes given to you. You can find the recipe in your Skills window, Craft tab, Quest Recipes. Once you have created all five pieces the quest will complete and you will recive your experience and quest points.

Boots of the Ancient Lords Armor Rating: 11
Combat Delay: 12
Effect: Reflection (Reflects a portion of damage back on attacker)
Requirements: Level 30+
2 White Pyreals
2 Imbued Sapphires
Brestplate of the Ancient Lords Armor Rating: 40
Combat Delay: 12
Effect: Incombustability (Increases your resistance to damage received through Fire attacks)
Requirements: Level 30+
5 White Pyreals
3 Imbued Sapphires
Gloves of the Ancient Lords Armor Rating: 11
Combat Delay: 12
Effect: Absorbtion (Increases your Melee, Magic, and Missile Defense)
Requirements: Level 30+
2 White Pyreals
2 Imbued Sapphires
Greaves of the Ancient Lords Armor Rating: 23
Combat Delay: 12
Effect: Antivenom (Increases your resistance to damage received through Poison attacks)
Requirements: Level 30+
4 White Pyreals
3 Imbues Sapphires
Helm of the Ancient Lords Armor Rating: 11
Combat Delay: 12
Effect: Lightning Conductor (Increases your resistance to damage received through Lightning attacks)
Requirements: Level 30+
3 White Pyreals
2 Imbued Sapphires

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab