Dillo Rancher


Quest Name: Dillo Rancher

Requirements: Level 40+, have completed Land Claim.


      % based XP, .5% Needed to level

Time Limit: 1 Days

Reset Timer: 6 Days Reset

Start Location: Odaba Olvidan(18.2S, 18.0W), West of Keidelur


Odaba Olvidan tells you,
"You've been making yourself handy about the place, I must say. Now I got a job for you too. See, we've been raising these dillos for food and leather, and they're good critters, but they're getting a mite inbred. We need some new breeding stock from somewhere. All the neighbors around here use our stock, so that's no good neither, can't trade with them. Maybe you can find us a new stud dillo to add to the herd, or at least a quality egg? Thank you kindly, if you can help us out."

Travel to Linvak Tukal and take the portal to Whitebay, once here get ont he Oriad rinway until you reach the Eastern Valley(Eastern Oriad Outpost)

Once at the Eastern Oriad Outpost travel southwest to (14.6S, 3.1W) and speak to the Eli Spinekeeper.

Eli Spinekeeper tells you,
"Ol' Odaba needs new breeding stock, eh? Well one of my eggs will do nicely. But you can't have it for free, oh no no! I'm having a bit of a Banderling problem, if you can take care of it for me, I'll give you one of my sweet dillo eggs."

The Eli Spinekeeper will give you the quest Dillo Rustler which grants you a Dillo Egg as reward. Simply kill 5 Banderling Thrashers, and 5 Banderling Ravers to complete and recive a Steppe Armoredillo Egg.

Eli Spinekeeper tells you,
"Trunks and hoofs, you did it! Those horrible Banderlings will think twice before they steal any more of our eggs. Take one as a reward - use it and it will hatch a Dillo of your own!"

Steppe Armoredillo Egg Steppe Armoredillo Egg

Turn in Dillo Egg to Odaba Olvidan to complete the quest.

Odaba Olvidan tells you,
"Ol' Eli really thinks this will work? Well, let's give her a try then.... Thank you kindly for the egg, Skinlab, we'll soon see how it works out."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab