Mysteries of the Skyport


Quest Name: Mysteries of the Skyport

Requirements: Level 30+


      % based XP, 3% needed to level

Time Limit: 18 Hours

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Scully Vinco(30.6S, 34.7E), Caerlin Skyport


Scully Vinco tells you,
"The sky above the Skyport is often the color of... Oh hello! Have you also been attacked by the Skyport’s defenses? Perhaps that would be incentive to aid me. My name is Scully Vinco and I am attempting to learn the history of this ancient floating city."
"The crystal, at the heart of the city which refers to itself as "Caerlin" or "Skyport," appears to govern the inner workings of this structure and may also be instrumental to its defense. It certainly is hostile to anyone who approaches it that it does not recognize. The Skyport is a structure that appears to be sentient. Perhaps it is mad."
Scully Vinco flinches as if expecting an attack from the Skyport.
You received the item from Scully Vinco: Journal of Dianech Uscari
"Something happened here long ago... We need to find out what. If you help in this endeavor I will reward you."
"This book reports on what we know thus far, which is not much. The Skyport is named after Emperor Caerlin II and was built by Dianech Uscari, an Empyrean architect/builder. Dianech was killed in an accident involving one of the southeast defense crystals."
"A student of mine is doing research in this region. His name is Wiamli Bigson and he was supposed to report to me a while ago. He is overdue. Perhaps you could go find him, he was staying in the settlement south of here?"

First part of Dianech Uscari's Journal

! You can skip travelling to the southern city of Yeosenji as there is no quest advancement for doing so:
If you head south to the nearest town Yeosenji and speak to people there they have not seen him. Up the hill in the town you will speak to a woman named Tretna Byer who tells you the following.

Tretna Byer tells you,
"The last I know of him he headed towards a mine he said he'd discovered. It is northeast of the Skyport, near the coast."

Travel to the Mine located at (27.3S, 37.1E) northeast of the Skyport.

Enter the mine and by making all right turns will lead you to Wiamli Bigson. Talk to him and your quest will advance and you will recieve a Sealed Journal.

Skyport Mines Map

Wiamli Bigson tells you,
"You say my teacher sent you? Well, tell him I found something and I am sorry I was overdue. Much of the stone the Skyport was built from came from this mine. You stand in a space once used by Dianech Uscari, possibly for administrative purposes during this phase of the Skyport construction."
You received the item from Wiamli Bigson.
"Please take this. It is a sealed portion of Dianech’s journal. I have been attempting to unseal it but am unable to do so. Bring it to my teacher, he should succeed in opening it. I will remain here and see if there is anything else I can learn."

Sealed Journal

Travel back to the Skyport and speak to Scully Vinco (30.6S, 34.7E).

Scully Vinco tells you,
"You say you found him in a mine?"
You gave the Dianech's Journal Sealed to Scully Vinco.
"I am glad you found my student. He discovered this, did he? Let me open it..."
Try as he might Scully Vinco is unable to unseal the document. No incantations work on it.
"This is beyond me. This may have been a common method of sealing personal documents among some Empyreans but I cannot open it!"
"What to do... There is a structure on an island northwest of here which an explorer reported may be a residence of Dianech Uscari. You may find some way to unseal this there."

Travel to the Mansion(26.3S, 25.2E), located on the island to the northwest of Skyport

Once inside kill and loot every Skyport Servitor you come across, each member of your fellowship will need a Study Key to proceed onward.

Study Key

Skyport Mansion Map

Once everyone has a key continue into the Study and hand the Sealed Book to the Damaged Servitor.

Damaged Servitor tells you,
"Welcome to the house of Dianech Uscari. I apologize for the state of the residence but the Imperial Spymaster’s guards searched the premises and have prevented anyone from entering since. I was informed Master Uscari had died."
"I apologize, I have not been able to leave this study for a very, very long time. I apologize, I am damaged and have not been able to keep the residence in a tidy state."
"I see you have a sealed document. Allow me to unseal it and examine it. It may have been from Master Uscari."

The servitor unseals the document and your quest advances.
"I am able to unseal it. It was indeed from Master Uscari. I will return it to you, you may seal it again if you wish. I apologize for any inconvenience."

Second part of Dianech Uscari's Journal

On the wall near the Damaged Servitor is a clickable Book Case, use the Book Case and enter the next area. Once you are in the next area take all rights until you reach a section with three doors at the end of a dead-end hallway. Kill the servitors in this section until all Fellowship members recieve a Amulet of Safe Passage. This will allow you to travel through areas with Skyport Servitors without being attacked so equip it as soon as you loot it.

Amulet of Safe Passage

After all members have a Amulet of Safe Passage, continue following the right wall until you reach a doorway. Entering the door will lead you to a large room with a Skyport Model hanging fromt he ceiling. Follow the balcony area to the right and you will find a Archive Chest Key and the Final part of Dianech Uscari's Journal. Each member needs to pick up one of each, the respawn is fairly quick.

Archive Chest Key
Final part of Dianech Uscari's Journal

All Fellowship members will need to do this. Drop down to the lower section and enter the door on the opposite side from the model. The passage will lead you to a room with a Archive Chest. Use the Archive Chest Key on the Archive Chest to recieve a Transference Crystal and a Skyport Prototype Key.

Transference Crystal
Skyport Prototype Key

Travel back to the Skyport, then make your way to and enter the door located at (28.9S, 43E)

Skyport Prototype Dungeon Map

Once inside only make left turns, this dungeon is not small but aslong as you take left turns and heading upwards you will arrive at a door that will lead outside were the Skyport Prototype is located. Use the Skyport Prototype Key on the door to enter the prototype, your quest will advance once inside. All Fellowship members will need to do this. Use the Transference Crystal on the Skyport Prototype Heart to upgrade it. Pick up the Key to Skyport Crystal Nexus which is laying next to the heart.

Transference Crystal(upgraded)
Key to Skyport Crystal Nexus

Once all members have their items return to the Skyport, once at the Skyport travel the way around to the right you will see a door named Heart Nexus, use the Key to Skyport Crystal Nexus on this door.

Skyport Nexus Heart Dungeon Map

Once inside make all left turns this will eventually lead you to a room with a Skyport Nexus Heart in the center. Double-click the Transference Crystal in your inventory and use it on the Skyport Nexus Heart. Your quest will advance.

You place the Transfer Crystal to the surface of the Nexus Heart crystal and hear a low hum.
The hum then dissipates and the Transfer crystal disintegrates into a pile of dust.
A voice in your mind says, "... dissipating... My mind is clearer...

Return to Scully Vinco (30.6S, 34.7E) on Caerlin Skyport, and hand him the three Journals and complete the quest.

Scully Vinco tells you,
"Thus the Skyport was built with ego, loss, madness and death. It appears Dianech’s death was no accident. Much to ponder... not all is solved."
"Another day perhaps... my own family awaits."
"Thank you, I understand more now. There was much unhappiness in this endeavor."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

Maps by: Guimas