Lord Eeruk's Treasury/ Eeruk's Loot


Quest Name: Eeruk's Loot (Group)

Requirements: Level 20+


      1,500 XP
      1,300 QP
      Ghostfire Gauntlets

Time Limit: 20 Hours

Reset Timer: 3 Days Reset

Start Location: Kill a Seeker Faisi Sclavus and loot an Amulet of Seeking, then use it to begin the quest.


First you need to find an Amulet of Seeking, and this can be found on Seeker Faisi Sclavus (Level 26). The highlighted yellow portion of the image above shows where you can find Seeker Faisi Sclavus. Once you have collected a Amulet use it to start the quest.

Amulet of Seeking


Return to Zu once your quest has begun and take the Tou-Tou Ringway to Northeast Tou-Tou Outpost and make your way to the Deep Dank Tunnels. Once inside follow the map below

Deep Dank Tunnels Map

You will have to fight your way down to get to Lord Eeruk. The monsters you will fight are Reeshan Burun  and Kiree Burun. When you enter, take all left branches and eventually you will come to a spiral staircase with a blueish lighting. Travel down the ramp and follow the path you will eventually see Lord Eeruk's name tag, do not be hasty and rush in to fight him, near him is a Burun Warboss who guards a Chaos Chest, pull Lord Eeruk out  into the pathway leading in without drawing the Warboss if possible.

After you kill Lord Eeruk, loot the Key and work your way back up to the spiral staircase. From here, follow the tunnel back, and take all left turns on your way back up, and you will come to another spiral staircase, with redish lighting. Travel down and take the left tunnel and follow the wall, it will lead you get to Door to Eeruk's Treasury. Use your key to open the treasury door.

Inside you will find 5 chests as noted by the accompanied image make your decision based on your race. Once you make your decision loot the contents and the quest will complete.


Ghostfire Gauntlets AR: 7
CD: 14
Ghostfire: This Glowing flame, created by the Burun, grants you magical strength in battle
Ghostfire Mastery: This Glowing flame, created by the Burun, grants you a +5 bonus to your Mastery skills.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab