Lost Company


Quest Name: Lost Company

Requirements: Level 35+


The XP reward is 15% needed to level
Emblem of the Irregulars

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Days Reset

Start Location: Gallus (21.3S, 4.7W), Whitebay


Gallus tells you,
"I need your help. During the War of the Archons, I sent Koske the Sage along with my best mercenaries to fight alongside the Loyalists. They were well-paid, but not well enough--when the Archons opened their chaos breach, my troops were caughtin the blast. I thought them dead, but now I hear rumors that a band of chaos-twisted Lugians has infested the Rustwater Redoubt. Could Koske and his men have survived? Please, go and find out what happened to them!"

Search the depths of the Rustwater Redoubt(23.4S, 1.9W) for evidence of Koske's efforts to cure his chaos-twisted soldiers. You must complete his work and find a cure for the chaos corruption.

Enter the Rustwater Redoubt(23.4S, 1.9W)

Using the Rustwater Redoubt Map:

1. Kill all Chaos soldiers(Chaos Berserker, Chaos Juggernaught) as you make your way through the dungeon to collect a Chaos Seed.

  Chaos Seed

2. Find and kill Strabo the Chaos Berserker, and collect the Archaic Key

  Archaic Key 

3. Find and kill Trupo the Chaos Juggernaut , and collect the Crystal Vial

  Crystal Vial 

Once you have collected these Items make your way to the Steaming Urn, hand the Crystal Vial to the urn to recieve a Vial of Tainted Blood.

  Vial of Tainted Blood 

Head to the Mines section of the dungeon, and kill Lac Korath, the Bandit Lord and loot the Paincrafter's Flask.

  Paincrafter's Flask 

Travel to and use the portal back to the Rustwater Redoubt (NOT the portal to Gates of Madness). Then make your way to the Chaos Crucible. Here you will give these items in this order to the crucible.

1. Chaos Seed
2. Crystal Vial
3. Paincrafters Flask

You will recive a Soulstone for doing this.


Now travel back to the caves and make your way to the Gates of Madness enter this portal and give the Soulstone to Koske.

Koske tells you, "You've done it! The visions have left me! If I hurry, I can escape this place... but... what about my comrades? Are they doomed to rot in this asylum forever?"

"Though your gift has saved me from madness, I must not abandon my fellow Irregulars. Please, return to Gallus and tell him that Koske still lives. Perhaps he will find a way to rescue us all. Until then, my place is here, with my soldiers."

Return to Gallus(21.3S, 4.7W) in Whitebay and speak with him to recive your reward.

Emblem of the Irregulars +10AR, +50HP

Gallus tells you,
"So, Koske the Sage yet lives! And you helped him regain his sanity, if only for a few moments.... I know not how I will save Koske and his companions , but now there is hope. I nam you an honorary captain of Gallus' Irregulars. Wear this emblem in battle, and your enemies will fear your wrath."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab