Drudge Potion Raid


Quest Name: Drudge Potion Raid

Requirements: Level 10+


2,500 XP
1,500 QP

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Warder Captain, inside Warder's Hideout(20.6N, 14.0E)


Warder Captain tells you,

"Ah, were you sent here by one of our scouts?  If you're looking for access to our Asherons Caches, I'll have to ask you a favor first.  The Drudges have been receiving aid from an unknown  source, in the form of fortifying potions.  Can you go to their fort at 19.5N, 21.0E and steal a Drudge Potion for me?  It will likely be in a locked chest, so you'll have to kill one of their guards.  You will be rewarded for your assistance."

You will find the Drudge Fort at (19.5N, 21.0E) 

Kill a Drudge Potion Guards (Level 15) and loot the Drudge Potion Chest Key. 

  Drudge Potion Chest Key 

Within the fort you will find the Drudge Potion Chest. Use the key on the chest, and loot the Drudge Potion. Return to the Warder Captain in the Warder Hideout to recieve your reward.

  Drudge Potion

Return to the Warder Captain in the Warder Hideout to recieve your reward.

 Purified Drudge Potion  Temporarily increases maximum Health and Vigor. 
  Drudge Citadel Vault Glyph

Warder Captain tells you,
"Excellent work! Hmmm, it looks like this potion is too fouled for our consumption. Allow me to purify it for you... I've gotten all I need from it thanks."
"You're also free to use the portal behind me and use our Cache. Y ou show promise take this. Visit the Drudge Citadel Vaulit. It's valuable for competent adventurers like yourself to study history. Especially the history of evil... And you should go talk to our leader, Dantry. He's in the Prosper Marches at 7.4N x 15.4E. Oh, and if any of your fellows helped you, have them talk to me for their reward."

Follow on quest: Seek out Dantry the Warder

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab