Slay the Shrethwarden


Quest Name: Slay the Shrethwarden(Group)

Requirements: Level 30+


      40,000 XP
      3,000 QP

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 3 Days Reset

Start Location: Kiral (27.3N, 55.8E), Rakani


Kiral tells you,
"There are foul things at work in this world. There is somehting in a dungeon not far from here where Shreth are being twisted for some unknown purpose. I will reward you handsomely if you go to the Shreth Spawning Pit at 31.3 N, 59.4 E and bring me back the head of the creature that is responsible for these dark acts."

Take the Naderu Ringway to Southeast Naderu Outpost, from this outpost travel west northwest to the Shreth Spawning Pit(31.3N, 59.3E).

Shreth Spawning Pit Map

Once inside you will face Hunter Shreth, Ruruk Burun and Dark Hunter Shreth. Fight your way through this dungeon until you come to the Burun Doorkeeper who holds the Shrethwarden Key.

Shrethwarden Key

Use the key to open the door immediately behind the doorkeeper to gain access to the Shrethwarden's Lair. The Burun Shrethwarden has two body guards who have medium respawn timers. Once you have defeated the Shrethwarden loot his body to recover his head then, return to Kiral (27.3N, 55.8E) in Rakani to claim your reward.

Head of the Burun Shrethwarden

Kiral tells you,
"Well done. You have helped to defend us all from a dire threat..."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab