Salvation of Artefon


Quest Name: Salvation of Artefon

Requirements: Level 45+


            1,000,000 XP
            60,000 QP
            Random Jewlery Item (Table at bottom)

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Catacombs of Artefon (13.8N, 9.4E) journey down to the Lower Catacombs and speak with Hoshino Kei near her tomb.


Catacombs of Artefon Map

Once you have entered the Catacombs of Artefon follow the Left wall until you reach a portal to the Lower Catacombs, once in the Lower Catacombs make your way west until you reach a large open room you will see two tombs up on a platform and Hoshino Kei will be at the tombs south side. Speak to her to start the quest.

Hoshino Kei tells you, "Hurry, you must save us before we are fully claimed by the Undead! The Three are already gone, but they left behind noxious Bloodstones. Even now the stones are emanating the dark power that has awakened my people. They must be destroyed. My poor husband has already been turned to their sway and now guards the entrance to where the Bloodstones are kept. Purify a fragment of a Bloodstone and bring it back to me. Hurry, friend - there is not much time before I too shall fall sway to their power."

Once you have the quest follow the southern wall until you see an opening, enter the opening and follow it to the portal to the Deeper Catacombs. Inside the Deeper Catacombs prepare for several large groups, follow the left wall this will lead you to the room Hoshino Kei's Husband resides Borelean Strathelar, do your best to lure the smaller melee class Skeletons out of the main room, the main room has Perchers that sit high and will fire down upon you. Once the melee class and the Perchers have been delt with pull Borelean Strathelar and kill him. On his body you will find a Worn Silver Key, loot it.

Worn Silver Key

Behind Where Borelean Strathelar stood is a short passage that will lead you to a portal to the Neether Catacombs. Enter the portal and make your way through until you find a Sanguine Bloodstone, kill the bloodstone and loot a Bloodstone fragment, by doing so your quest will advance. At this point the quickest way to the next point is to portal recall and make your way back rather than fight your way back towards the portals.

Bloodstone fragment

Once back inside the entrance, again follow the left wall until you reach the portal to Lower Catacombs. Once you reach the very first room you come to, head south and enter the portal to the Outer Catacombs. Once in the Outer Catacombs follow the passage until you reach the first large open area then travel north and enter the first passage you come to. follow the passage straight until it reaches a "T" intersection, here make a right then take the first left, this should leave you at the entrace to another large area with the two tombs at the northern side. Follow the wall on the east side and you will find a passage, enter the passage and make your way to the portal to the Forgotten Catacombs.

Once inside the Forgotten Catacombs, make your way through until you find a locked door, use the Worn Silver Key on the door to access the room to the Sacred Font. Use the Bloodstone Fragment on the Sacred Font to recieve a Lifestone Fragment. Once again you have the choice to portal recall or fight your way back. Make your way back to Hoshino Kei, hand her the Lifestone Fragment.

Lifestone Fragment

Hoshino Kei tells you, "Only this could have saved me and mine from corruption. You are a truly worthy descendant of the heroes of our time. The crown jewels of Artefon were sealed alongside me in my tomb--you have my permission to take a piece of jewelry, if you wish."

You can now climb up to her tomb and open it to riecive your reward.

Circlet Of Chalcimere +5 point skill rating increase to: Life Cycle, Intermittent Aid, Recurrent Ministrations, Benevolent Patron, and Recoup
Novedion Brilliants +10 points to Both Armor and base Damage
Raeta's Necklace +5 point skill rating increase to: Bring Peace, Lay Hands, Restore Will, Personal Savior, Healing Balm, Life Boon, Nurture, Forage and Honey Drop
The Kresovus Ruby +4 points to Spellcrafting Skill
The Light of Alb'rael Bathes the wearer in Moonlight
The Topaz of Qalaba'r +4 points to Refining Skill
The Ulkas Blue +4 points to Weaponcrafting Skill
Tiofor Green Ring +4 points to Armorcrafting Skill
Trail of Oneros +5 point skill rating to Health and Vigor regen skills: Robustify, Resuscitate, Mending, Quicken Pulse, Rapid Healing, Center Self, and Renewal
Star of Dereth +5 point skill rating increase to: Healing Formula, Bolster Life, Bolster Will, Saving Graces, and Restorative Zone

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab