Ancient Crypt


Quest Name: Ancient Crypt

Requirements: Level 45+


            Shield of the Sun

Time pmit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Quest recieved upon killing the Penultimate Guardian inside the Ancient Crypt at (54.4N, 10.2W). To access the crypt ride to it from Northern Arwic Outpost.


Enter the dungeon. Go down the hallway and jump down. Head straight down the hallway and enter the blue portal.

Go down the next hallway. DO NOT step onto platform with the Chest or the Corroded Key doing so will kill you. Jump down and head north and enter the purple portal.

Once you enter the portal go straight, jump down and then head straight up hugging left wall. There is a hidden wall on the left leading to a hidden red portal, use it.

Travel down the hallway and target the blue portal below you, jump down and immediately press "F" to avoid being killed by dragoons.

This will take u to a LONG hallway. Head straight down the hallway towards a barrel, killing Revenants in the process. At the T-junction, turn left and head straight killing more Revenants. Pass through the junction and hug the right wall. A hidden passage in the right wall will lead you to a hidden junction and a hidden green portal.

Once through the Green portal follow the hallway, go straight up till you get into room with Undead. You need a Ethereal and Ghostly Key both are found in rooms that you gain passage to through hidden walls. There is a key in the left corridor, and the other on the right. Once you have gathered both keys go straight north and unlock first door. Hug right side of the wall and walk thru the invisible platform to the opposite wall on the right, here you will walk across an invisible platform. Use next key on the opposite door. Enter portal.

Ethereal Key
Ghostly Key

Fight through and kill the Undead Lord Ordainer and the Penultimate Guardian, upon Killing the guardian you will recieve the quest to get your prize.

"The death of the Penultimate Guardian has filled you with magical energy that enables you to use the portal to the Guardian's Hoard... if you can find it."
"Make sure your entire fellowship has entered the portal to the hoard room, or someone may not get their reward."

Rusty Key

DO NOT click on the Eternal Splendor portal, as it will instantly kill you. Head back to corridor before enternal splendor portal room and hug right wall enter secret wall. Go straight to reward room through a portal.

Do not let anyone in your fellow open the chest until all fellow members have made it into the reward chamber as opening it will complete the quest for evryone in the fellow and they will be unable to get their reward.

Shield of the Sun Shield Rating: 111
Combat Delay: 0
Vigor Cost: 0
Damage: 111-111
Minimal Level: 45

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: Merlouqe

Corrections by: Skinlab