The Ruins of Baishi (Part three of five, Ben Ten's Tachi)


Quest Name: The Ruins of Baishi (Part three of five, Ben Ten's Tachi)

Requirements: Level 27, Must have completed The Ruins of Hebian-To and The Ruins of Lin


100,000 XP
Lost Key

Time Limit: No time limit

Reset Timer: 6 Days

Start Location: Shi Lezawa (16.1N,73.5E), Zu, Tou-Tou


Shi Lezawa tells you,
"On my last patrol around the western regions of tou-tou I came across a spirit in the ruins of Baishi, It just stood staring at one
of the ruined buildings. I tried speaking with the ghost, but it would have nothing to do with me. I have heard of your success
with the other spirits in this region, perhaps you will succeed where I have failed... go speak with the spirit who haunts the
Baishi ruins."

Travel to the Ruins of Baishi and locate the Restless Spirit which Shi Lezawa has spoken of.

Travel South to the end of the ravine, then make your way west and speak to the Restless Spirit(13.6N, 66.6E)

Restless Spirit tells you,
"Centuries ago a monk from Hebain-To traveled to our city and bequeathed to a young girl a key. He told this girl that the key
was a gift from Ben Ten, and it would unlock a chest in her house. That woman is gone now, the key however is not. Travel into
the basement of this lonely abode and retrieve the key"

Next to the Restless Spirit you will see a house with a Basement Portal within. Enter the Basement and you will see a straight
path. with hallways to the left and right each with Awaro-Bal behind that interection is another with a Awaro-Bal on each side
and finally one last Awaro -Bal standing infront of a Forsaken Chest. You may need a friend to help you with this as it can be a
challenge. The Awaro-Bal respawn very rapidly. Make your way through the creatures and loot the Forsaken Chest, you will
recieve a Lost Key.

Lost Key A dusty golden skeleton key.

Exit the way you came in and return to Shi Lezawa (16.1N,73.5E) in Zu and hand him the Lost Key.

Shi Lezawa tells you,
"Well done [playername], very well done. While you were away Shi Ehrietawa was asking for you, and about your recent
encounters. Go and speak with him once you have a moment."

Go and speak to Shi Ehrietawa (16.5N, 73.9E) in Zu for the next quest in the series The Ruins of Yanshi (Level 31+)

Misc. Information:

Updated for Beta Patch 2

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab