The Ruins of Yanshi (Part four of five, Ben Ten's Tachi)


Quest Name: The Ruins of Yanshi (Part four of five, Ben Ten's Tachi)

Requirements: Level 31+


100,000 XP
Aged Jade

Time Limit: No Time Limit

Reset Timer: 6 Days

Start Location: Shi Ehrietawa (16.5N, 73.9E), Zu, Tou-Tou


Shi Ehrietawa tells you,

"I am glad to see you. There has been much talk among the xuta about your spirit chasing, enough talk in fact I have approached The Arcanum about it. One of the agents there was able to find an old journal which tells the story of an ancient Human Awa and her broken Tachi. According to the tale, there should be two peices left, one of which would be in Yanshi. Unfortunately, The Yanshi ruins wew long since taken over by the Burun, who built their foul city of Blackmire on top of them. If there is an artifact there, the High Shaman would possess it. Slay him, and take the artifact back from the Burun."

Take the portal from Zu to Ikeras then take the Ringway portal to Northeast Araki, once there head East Northeast to Blackmire (19.5N, 61.2E). Kill the Burun High Shaman and clear the area, Loot the High Shamans Cache to recieve the Aged Jade which will advance the quest.

Aged Jade

Return to the Araki Ringway to Northwest Outpost(18.8N, 59.4E) either by on foot or by Portal Recall. Make your way around the Ringway until you are back in Ikeras.

Take the portal back to Zu(9.5N, 60.2E), Once back in Zu return to Shi Ehrietawa(16.5N, 73.9E) and hand him the item from your inventory.

Shi Ehrietawa tells you,

"So it would appear that the story is true after all. Rest for now "Player Name", and speak to me again when you are ready to obtain the final piece of the Tachi."

Speak to Shi Ehrietawa again at Level 35+ to begin The Ruins of Tou-Tou

Misc. Information:

  • Updated for Beta Patch 2

  • Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab