The Ruins of Lin (Part two of five, Ben Ten's Tachi)


Quest Name: The Ruins of Lin (Part two of five, Ben Ten's Tachi)

Requirements: Level 25+, Must have completed The Ruins of Hebian-To


                 35,000 XP
                 Muddy Wheel

Time Limit: No time limit required

Reset Timer: 6 Days

Start Location: Shi Burigawa(16.6N, 73.7E), Zu, Tou-Tou


Shi Burigawa tells you,
"My apologies, but I do not know the meaning of these symbols. I am however concerned about this spirit you speak of. I have
heard rumors that other spirits have risen in the old Human akei kei's I would like you to investigate this further [playername].
Travel to the old akei kei of Lin, south west of Zu. Ensure that the dead still slumber peacefully there."

Travel to the Ruins of Lin and investigate if more Restless Spirits roam the ruined cities.

Travel South to the end of the ravine, then make your way southwest and speak to the Restless Spirit (11.9N, 68.2E)

Restless Spirit tells you,
"My home... how sad this once noble land has become. If only Koji... [playername], you can illuminate the darkness with Jojii's
grace. I will show you the path, if you prove worthy. The Listris Nefane fouls Lin with their presence. Destroy them and i will
show you Koji's wheel."

Kill 4 Listris Nefane which can be found all around the immediate area then return to the Restless Spirit (11.9N, 68.2E).

Restless Spirit tells you,
"Discipline, by destroying the Nefane you have demonstrated this important quality. Beside the tower on the hill sits a chest,
take from it Koji's wheel and go forth to bring peace to those in need."

After speaking with the Restless Spirit, make your way southeast to (11.5N, 68.6E) here you will find a Decrepit Chest, loot its
contents a Muddy Wheel. Then return to Shi Burigawa (16.6N, 73.7E) in Zu.

Muddy Wheel A muddy miniature wheel.

Shi Burigawa tells you,
"Koji's Wheel? Humans from this region used to talk of a koji. Perhaps there is still more to be learned. Shi Lezawa recently
returned from a hunting expedition with tales of ghosts. Perhaps he can tell you more."

Go and speak to Shi Lezawa(16.1N,73.5E) in Zu for the next quest in the series The Ruins of Baishi (Level 30 Intended)

Misc. Information:

Updated for Beta Patch 2

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab