The Ruins of Hebian-To (Part one of five, Ben Ten's Tachi)


Quest Name: The Ruins of Hebian-To (Part one of five, Ben Ten's Tachi)

Requirements: Level 25 Intended


           25,000 XP
          Rusty Blade

Time Limit: No Time Limit

Reset Timer: 6 Days

Start Location: Shi Seunawa (16.4N, 73.5E), Zu, Tou-Tou


Shi Seunawa tells you,
"A few days ago i had the most frightening experience. I was hunting Putiputi around the old ruins of Hebain-To when out of no
where I came face to face with a ghost! It screamed and wailed and I ran and ran, barely escaping with my life! [playername],
you should go to Hebain-To and rid the ruins of this vile creature."

Travel to the Ruins of Hebain-To and locate the Restless Spirit which Shi Seunawa has spoken of.

Travel South to the end of the ravine, then make your way west and speak to the Restless Spirit(13.8N, 69.1E)

Restless Spirit tells you,
"Can you feel it [playername]? Can you feel the darkness which feeds on my home? It grows like cancer under the earth,
sapping the energies and leaving behind only rot. This darkness must be halted, you will halt it. I know of a light which this
darkness fears, and you will obtain it. Beside the Red Iron Forge in this ruined city, a chest has been unearthed. take from it the
first piece of this light; take from it your first step towards vanquishing the darkness!"

Travel west from the Restless Spirit to (14.0N, 68.4E) you will find a Unearthed Chest on the north side of a ruined building. Loot
the chest and you will recieve Rusty Blade.

Rusty Blade An old and rusty blade fashioned for a sword.

Return to Shi Seunawa (16.4N, 73.5E) in Zu and hand him the Rusty Blade.

Shi Seunawa tells you,
"The ghost gave this to you? How unusual... the blade is older than the Golden Age, and look at this writing, what do these
symbols mean? You should show this to Shi Burigawa, purhaps he will know more of this writing than I."

Go and speak to Shi Burigawa (16.6N, 73.7E) in Zu.

By handing him the Rusty Blade it will start the next Quest in this chain. The Ruins of Lin

Misc. Information:

Updated for Beta Patch 2

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab