Find the Esper Reaches Warder


Quest Name: Find the Esper Reaches Warder

Requirements: Completed the Kehan Windmill Quest



Time Limit: 48 Hours

Reset Timer: No time limit

Start Location: Miller of Kehan (42.5N, 11.2E), Kehan, Lost Wish


Miller of Kehan tells you,
"And now, you should speak with my associate in Millstone. He's sent word that he knows who's behind all this Drudge activity."

Travel to Millstone by way of the Cragstone Gateway outside of Kehan. Make your way to the Esper Warder (37.5N, 19.9W) in Millstone.

Once you speak to the Esper warder this quest will complete and you will recieve the Drudge Outcast Camp Quest.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David

Updated 10/22/2013