Drudge Outcast Camp Quest


Quest Name: Drudge Outcast Camp Quest

Requirements: Level 3


200 XP
150 QP
Esper Vault Glyph


Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 24 Hour Reset

Start Location: Esper Warder (37.5N, 19.9W), Millstone, Esper


Esper Warder tells you,
"The Warders have discovered the hidden Drudge Outcast headquarters on the island southeast of Millstone. I will give you the quest recipes for weapons that will be especially effective against their Cadre."
"If you use one of these weapons to kill a Cadre member and you bring back his bones, I will reward you."

In your Skills window Craft tab under Quest Recipes you will find a Drudge Outcast Camp section and inside you will find several recipies to create a Drudge Cadre Slayer [weapon type]. pick one that is suited to your play style. You are required to gather 25 Bone to create this item. Bone can be Butchered from the corpses in the area around the Drudge Outcast Camp(33.4N, 18.6W).


To Butcher you will need a Hunting Knife which you can create in your Craft tab under Tools/Starter Tools - Crude Hunting Knife. Click on the Knife in your bag then click on the corpse when your mouse pointer turns into a circle and you will butcher the creature for raw materials For more information on Butchering read our Butchering walkthrough.

Travel to the Southwest Esper Outpost through the Esper Ringway system in Millstone(37.8N, 19.8W), kill and butcher the Reedshark Runt and Tanglefoot Vermin you enconter around the Ringway to gather the Bone needed to create the Drudge Cadre Slayer weapon. Once you have gathered 25 Bone create the weapon and travel east towards the Drudge Outcast Camp(33.4N, 18.6W) once there find and kill a Drudge Outcast Cadre with the created weapon.

Drudge Cadre Slayer [weapon type] Cadre Slayer: Allows this weapon to do triple damage to the Drudge Outcast Cadre

Once you have killed the Cadre loot his body and recover the Drudge Cadre Bone, then return to the Esper Warder(37.5N, 19.9W) in Millstone. Hand the Esper Warder the Drudge Cadre Bone.

  Drudge Cadre Bone  A bone hacked from the dead corpse of a member of the Drudge Outcast Cadre who have been spearheading the raids against Arwic, Lost Wish, and Esper

Esper Warder tells you,
"My friend the Miller was correct in sending you to me. You are truly worthy of the Warder's of Osteth's regard. Let me reward you with experience and this Glyph. Should you press to Cragstone, please give a friend of mine my regards. He is watching over the city of Cragstone even now."

By handing him the item the quest completes and you recieve a Esper Vault Glyph and the next quest in this chain Find a Warder in Cragstone.

Esper Vault Glyph

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab