Kehan Windmill Quest


Quest Name: Kehan Windmill Quest

Requirements: Level


150 XP
150 QP
Lost Wish Glyph
Renewed Focus (3 hour, +10 vigor bonus)

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Miller of Kehan (42.5N, 11.2E), Kehan, Lost Wish


Miller of Kehan tells you,
"A roving band of Drudge Outcasts destroyed my Windmill! Could you help me repair it? I need a pile of Stone to make a new gear. Make a Starter Stone Surveryor's Map. Hand it to me and I can send you to the general location. Once there use the map to find the stone."

Miller of Kehan has asked you to make a Stone Map and use it to locate Stone so she can create a new grinding wheel for the windmill, - in your Skills menus Craft tab look under 'Quest Recipes' in your Toolmaking panel and make the required Starter Stone Surveyor's Map of Osteth, hand the map to the Miller of Kehan she will teleport you to the general location. Double click on the Stone Map once you have been teleported. By following the text post it will guide you to the location of the stone mine. For further help in understanding these text post refer to our Survey and Mining walkthrough.


Once you have found and mined the required Stone return to the Miller of Kehan(42.5N, 11.2E) in Kehan. Hand her the Stone you have collected.

Miller of Kehan tells you,
"Thank you! I will need this stone to create a gear for the Windmill"
"I have created a Windmill gear - the Drudges destroyed the old one! Please place it inside the Windmill to repair it."

She will hand you a Massive Gear.

  Massive Gear  This massive gear would fit nicely into the Windmill to the Northeast of Kehan.

Travel to the Drudge Windmill (47.0N, 11.5E), and hand the Massive Gear to the open area that lays within the bottom. Return to the Miller of Kehan (42.5N, 11.2E) in Kehan to recieve your reward.

Miller of Kehan tells you,
"Thank you for restoring my Windmill. I've heard these glyphs are the key to unlock the secrets of this region - take this, with my thanks! Also, if you ever need more stone, you can try to create your own mining charts. The recipes are located within your 'Surveying' craft skill. I hear there are Cartomancers who can teleport you near a map's destination, but i've never met one myself. "

Lost Wish Glyph
Renewed Focus(3 hour, +10 vigor bonus)

After completing this quest a new quest will start Find the Esper Reaches Warder

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab