Who is the Bravest Warrior?


Quest Name: Who is the Bravest Warrior?

Requirements: Intended Level 29, Able to recieve at level 27


             Bag of Fang Dust

             37,500 XP

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: Unknown

Start Location: Shi Kahuawa(27.5N, 55.4E), Rakani

'I am Kahuawa! Yes, THE Kahuawa! The Bravest warrior in Rakani. Would you like to know my secret? Each day I go out and kill ten Marsh Armoredillos. Really keeps me in top condition!"

Walkthrough: Part of a collection of quest: . Marsh Armoredillios can be found around the Shrine of the Leaf(34.0N, 51.3E). You will need to kill 10 to complete this quest.

Return to Shi Kahuawa (27.5N, 55.4E)

Shi Kahuawa says:

"What? You also killed ten Marsh Armoredillos? What? But... why? Just to show me up? To make me less of a hero? To strip me of my dignity?"

"You are a dispicable person! I challenge you to a duel! I know just the place. Speak to me again when you are ready to fight for your life. I will teach you to respect others' feelings!"

Speak to Shi Kahuawa again:

"Fine. Now we fight!"

You will enter an large Arena prepare: he has 1500 Hit Points and hits pretty hard. Once you have defeated him Exit the arena through the portal behind him. Return to his location in Rakani and speak to him again.

Shi Kahuawa says:

"You fought well! All is forgiven, friend. And I do count you as a friend. Here, take this. It is ceremonial dust which supposedly has magical properties. But we just use it for drawing sparring lines. May your sparring matches always be eventful!"

Ending: You recieve "Bag of Fang Dust" used as part of the Quest Shenua The Cunning

 Bag of Fang Dust 

Misc. Information: Pick up the quest Shenua The Cunning from Komluk(27.2N, 55.4E), and also pick up the quest from SubChieftain Gruu(34.7N, 47.8E) The Sieve of Asshmak.

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab