Shenua The Cunning


Quest Name: Shenua The Cunning

Requirements: Intended Level 29, Able to recieve at level 27


                 Shenua's Right Claw

                Shenua's Left Claw

                50,000 XP

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days

Start Location: Komluk (27.2N, 55.4E), Rakani

Walkthrough: Komluk asked you to find Shenua and get him to return to Rakani.

Komluk says:

"I come from Linvak to train with Shenua each week. Last week was the first week I've ever beaten him! And now this week he's missing! Would you help me find him? I will stay here in case he returns."

Pick up the quest Whos the Bravest Warrior? from Shi Kahuawa(27.5N, 55.4E) to do his quest while doing this one.

Take the Naderu Ringway to Northwest Naderu Outpost, Ride south to the Shrine of the Leaf(34.0N, 51.3E). Shenua The Cunning (33.8N, 51.1E) is just to the west in visual range of the shrine . Speak to Shenua, he will task you to help him complete a potion of super strength that will allow him to defeat Komluk.

Shenua Says:

"Oh! Hello. Komluk sent you? I was hoping he would be slower in coming. Drat, I haven't finished my potion! I can't fight him without a potion to give me super strength!"

"What? Using a potion before a match is dishonorable? Hahahaha! You mistake me for a Lugian. Tumeroks do what is right, not what is honorable. And Komluk is too young and too strong for me to fight, so the right thing to do is to cheat."

"Can you help me finish the potion? Here, take this bucket and dip it in a geyser. There are magical geysers on a tiny island west of here."

Once the quest advances from speaking to Shenua you will recieve "Shenua's Empty Bucket" head due west and speak to Subchieftain Gruu(34.7N, 47.8E) and complete his quest The Sieve of Asshmak first to recieve another item that is needed to complete this quest.

  Shenua's Empty Bucket

Once you have the two items Spittle and Bucket, and the 10 armoredillos have been killed.Return to Rakani and take the portal to Ikeras, then take the portal for Ariaki Ringway(9.5N, 61.2E) to the Ariaki Northwest Outpost(17.1N, 48.5E) head North to (22.6N, 48.4E) where you will find the Gyser needed Drag the "Shenua's Empty Bucket" from your bag and drop it onto the Atolu Geyser. You will then Recieve "Shenua's Bucket of Geyser"

 Shenua's Bucket of Geyser

Now Return to Shenua the Cunning (33.8N, 51.1E)

"Thank you! Wwhile you were getting the water I got most of the other ingredients. Now I just need some common Fang Dust. Could you get some from my student, Kahuawa, in Rakani? I'm sure if you gained his favor he would part with some."

Return to Rakani, and speak to Shi Kahuawa(27.5N, 55.4E) if you have not done his quest Whos the Bravest Warrior? you will need to do it now. But if you have Killed the ten Armoredillo required return to Rakani and finish his quest then return to Shenua with the Bag of Fang Dust.

 Bag of Fang Dust 

Hand Shenua the Fang Dust.

"Ah, Fang Dust. A sprinkle of this to give it the right consistancy... there we go! Now! I need only one more component. A bit of Asshmak spittle. I keep some in this vial here... wait! What? My vial is empty! No! No more Asshmak spittle? How am I going to get more? I don't even know what Asshmak spittle comes from! Now I'll never be able to finish the potion. I am defeated."

Ending: He will then require the Asshmak spittle from The Sieve of Asshmak. Since we already have this, turn it in to him to complete the quest.


 Asshmak Spittle 

"Asshmak spittle? Is it really so? Moon bless the clouds! I can finish my potion. Perfect! With this I will easily defeat Komluk in today's sparring match. Thank you for your help! You are more resourceful than any of my students would have been. Here, take these as a symbol of my gratitude. They are the weapons I used as a child. Perhaps they will prove useful to you."

You recieve "Shenua's Right Claw" and "Shenua's Left Claw"

Shenua's Right Claw

116-155 Damage
Combat Delay 10
Vigor Cost 4

Damage Vs Nature 100
Damage Vs Decay 100
Damage Vs Martial 110
Damage Vs Arcane 100
Shenua's Left Claw

116-155 Damage
Combat Delay 10
Vigor Cost 4

Damage Vs Nature 100
Damage Vs Decay 110
Damage Vs Martial 100
Damage Vs Arcane 100

Misc. Information: Pick up the quest Whos the Bravest Warrior? from Shi Kahuawa, and also pick up the quest from SubChieftain Gruu(34.7N, 47.8E) The Sieve of Asshmak

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab