The Sieve of Asshmak


Quest Name: The Sieve of Asshmak

Requirements: Intended Level 29, Able to recieve at level 27


              38,000 XP

              Asshmak Spittle

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: Unknown

Start Location: Subchieftain Gruu (34.7N, 47.8E)


"Bah, another one comes to mock me. Do I look weak to you? I could crush you on a whim! But I will not. I don't care anymore. They banished me from the clutch just for mild treason! Now nothing tastes good anymore. Life is miserable. Say you are a mighty warrior, are you not? And I'm on your side now! You should help me. Talk to me again and I'll explain."

Speak to the Subchieftain again

"I was the subchieftain in charge of food. And now my life is miserable, for I cannot prepare any of our customary dishes. But you could help me! It would provide a great opportunity for you to murder my friends and extended family! I know how you vile marauders enjoy doing that!"

"I just need my Sieve of Asshmak. It is a relic handed down for generations. Asthe Culinary Subchieftain, it is rightfully mine! Go to Blackmire and find it. Blackmire is the Burun village southeast of here, past Rakani."

 Travel east to the Northwest Naderu Outpost and use the ringway there and make your way back to Rakani,

Once in Rakani take the portal to Ikeras(26.6N, 55.6E),

then take the portal to Zu(9.6N, 60.3E),

Once in Zu Take the Tou-Tou Ringway(17.4N, 74.1E) to the Northwest Tou-Tou Outpost(22.5N, 59.4E).

Head East Southeast from the Outpost. The Burun Village of Blackmire is on a Island at (34.7N, 47.8E),

The item needed for the quest is located on a hill on the north side of the island The Sieve of Asshmak(20.3N, 62.6E).

The Sieve of Asshmak

Make your way back to Subchieftain Gruu(34.7N, 47.8E)

"The Sieve of Asshmak! You did it! How many of my brethren did you murder to get it? No matter, no matter! I keep forgetting that I'm on your side now! For I too am a wretched vile murderer, never to return home."

"This spittle is the most valuable of Burun spices. Here, use it in good health. And thanks again for killing dozens of my friends and relatives, further ensuring that I will never be able to go home again."

Ending: You recieve "Asshmak Spittle" for use in the Shenua The Cunning Quest.

 Asshmak Spittle 

Misc. Information: The Sieve of Asshmak is NOT in the High Shamans Chest.

Walkthrough by David/Skinlab