Icefire (Group)


Quest Name: Icefire (Group)

Requirements: Level 39


      15,000,000 XP
      50,000 QP
      Weapon of the Ancients upgraded to Sun's Blaze.

Time Limit: 20 Hours

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: The Frostbound One (3.0S, 37.9W), south of Northern Winterhollows Outpost


The Frostbound One tells you,
" the name fills my heart with loathing. His magic put me here, robbed me of warmth for all time. Lodrog tells me you seek to destroy him? Yes... I can help you, but only if you first help me prolong my life. Slay the Behemorn Gigurath and bring me its oil."

You will need a well balanced group including a healer, tank, debuffer and damage dealers, you will also need one member that has a Golden Age Weapon that has been upgraded through The Ancient Periapt. After starting the quest travel east to (3.0S, 37.0W) with your Fellowship and kill a Behemorn Gigurath. Loot his body to retrieve a Behemorn Oil, If no oil is found on inital kill you will need to kill him again until the oil drops.

Behemorn Oil

Return to The Frostbound One(3.0S, 37.9W) south of Northern Winterhollows Outpost and hand him the Behemorn Oil to advance the quest. Enter the Icefire Gorge Portal (37.9W, 2.9S) next to The Frostbound One. Have a fellowship member to give a Weapon of the Ancient's (upgraded Golden Age Weapon that you got doing The Ancient Periapt Quest) to the Font of Icefire, this will complete the quest for the entire Fellowship and the person will recieve a Sun's Blaze weapon upgrade.

<weaponname> of the Sun's Blaze Damage: 180 - 240
Combat Delay: 18
Vigor Cost: 30
Minimal Level: 42
Smite Undead: Does additional damage to undead
Cripple Rytheran: Stops Rytheran from using his Spectral Doom ability

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

Corrections by: Xendrane

11/10/2013 updates by: Grudge