The Ancient Periapt


Quest Name: The Ancient Periapt

Requirements: Level 35+, completed Relics of the Golden Age


      1,000,000 XP
      4200 Quest Points
      Golden Age weapon upgrade to Weapon of the Ancients

Time Limit: 20 Hours

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Altar of the Ancients (6.4S, 25.7W) near Linvak Tukal


Altar of the Ancients tells you,
"The spirits of the Great Ones endure. Find the three Altars - Justice, Turmoil, and Order - and claim the gems that hold their essences."

Once you Double-Click on the Altar you will be instructed to find and touch 3 altars to receive the gem from each. Take the Thusik Outpost Ringway. At each stop on the ringway you will be close to one of the three Altars. It is advised you ride your fastest mount while collecting the gems. Always approach the Altars from the back side or you will have to deal with the Guardian that is posted at each. Avoid the Gurog Beacons as each Altar has one near it.

1. Altar of Justice (1.0S, 21.5W)

Altar of Justice tells you,
"The memory of Asheron honors you. Take this Topaz, in his name."

Topaz of Justice

2. Altar of Order (13.9S, 16.2W)

Altar of Order tells you,
"The Imperator's order shall reign in time. This Amethyst is but the first step."

Amethyst of Order

3. Altar of Turmoil (7.3S, 13.9W)

Altar of Turmoil tells you,
"The Hopeslayer shall have his revenge upon those who wronged him. Let this Ruby be a part of it."

Ruby of Turmoil

Once you have all three gems return to the Altar of the Ancients (6.4S, 25.7W) near Linvak Tukal. Open your Skills Window, Crafting Tab, Qust Recipes, Ancient Pariapt and create the Periapt of the Ancients.

Periapt of the Ancients

Hand the Periapt of the Ancients to the Altar of the Ancients.

Altar of the Ancients tells you,
"You have restored part of the Ancients' spirit to us. The blessings of the Great Ones be upon you. Give us a Golden Age weapon and receive your reward."

Hand your Weapon of the Ancients you recieved from the Relics of the Golden Age quest, and it will be upgraded and the quest will complete.

<weapontype> of the Ancients Damage: 168 - 225
Combat Delay: 18
Vigor Cost: 30
Minimal Level: 40

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab