Relics of the Golden Age


Quest Name: Relics of the Golden Age

Requirements: Level 30+


     % based XP - 1,500,000 XP Max cap
     4,000 QP
     Golden Age Weapon

Time Limit: 20 Hours

Reset Timer: 2 Day 23 Hours reset

Start Location: Loot a Broken Obsidian Medallion from a Gurog Marauder


Gurog Marauder (Level 43, Drops Broken Obsidian Medallion)
Gurog Minion (Level 43, Ruined Temple.)
Gurog Henchman (Level 44, Ruined Temple.)
Gurog Lackey (Level 42 - Cave)
Master Gurog Henchman (Level 44 - Cave - Protects Singularity Chest)
Tempest Flayer (Level 48 - Inner Sanctum)

From Linvak Tukal travel to Keidelur, and travel the Stoneshadow Ringway to the Southwest Stoneshadow Outpost(27.4S, 27.5W) to the east of the outpost you will find Gurog Marauders, kill them and loot a Broken Obsidian Medallion to start the quest.You will be tasked to find the "Obsidian Medallion Piece" and Crafting the "Medallion of Opening".

Broken Obsidian Medallion

The Obsidian Medallion Piece is found in the Ornate Chest at the Ruined Temple(20.7S, 23.9W) Multiple Gurog Minion and Gurog Henchman guard the Ornate Chest, clear them and get the Obsidian Meddalion Piece. You can also can use your mount to aggro them, lure them away from the chest then once they are a distance from the chest ride back to it loot the item and escape to safety.

Obsidian Medallion Piece

Craft your Medallion of Opening by opening your Skills menu selecting the Craft tab scroll to the bottom and selecting Quest Recipes, The Medallion is listed under Relics of the Golden Age. Put all the collected pieces into the craft and make the Medallion. Proceed to the Golden Age Reliquary Dungeon(19.8S, 25.3W).

Medallion of Opening

The Golden Age Reliquary Map

The Dungeon has two sections. The first is a cave, the second is a dungeon looking area. Make your way through the cave section and take the portal. When you get to the dungeon making all right turns when you come to interections. You will come to a circular ramp here you will follow it down, follow the path, take right turns at any intersections. A second circular ramp should be at the end follow it down.

When you get to the bottom clear any opposition, you will see a paths with barrels follow the path to the right, follow this path until you get to the Golden Age Reliquary Inner Sanctum Portal. Use the "Medallion of Opening" to enter the portal.

The Inner Sanctum is filled with Flayers. Follow the path and kill the groups of Tempest Flayers as you proceed forward. Once you reach a group of four Flayers you will see a Door which will lead to the final area, open it and proceed down the stairs. In this last room, depending on your race decide which path to take.

Each door leads to a room that holds race specific Golden Age Weapons.

Before you pick up any weapons besure its the one you want, as soon as you pick any one of them up... you will be teleported out of the dungeon and the quest will complete.

Humans need to take the door to the north.

Golden Age King's Sword (Human)
Golden Age Virulent Vial (Human)
Golden Age Rune Bow (Human)
Golden Age Master's Staff (Human)
Golden Age Heavy Flail (Human)
Golden Age Spiritseeker (Human)

Lugians need to take the door to the West

Golden Age Greatsword (Lugian)
Golden Age Avalanche Scepter (Lugian)
Golden Age Falling Star (Lugian)
Golden Age Hammerblade (Lugian)
Golden Age Rockslide Hammer (Lugian)
Golden Age Creator's Wrench (Lugian)
Golden Age Spiritseeker (Lugian)

Tumeroks need to take the door to the south.

Golden Age Swarming Nest (Tumerok)
Golden Age Ravager (Tumerok)
Golden Age Skull Cesta (Tumerok)
Golden Age Vengeful Axe (Tumerok)
Golden Age Punishing Spear (Tumerok)
Golden Age Ancestor Drum (Tumerok)

Eympreans need to take the hidden passage under the staircase.

Drudge can enter the any of the four, which has a melee class useable weapon.

Golden Age Greatsword (Lugian) - West door
Golden Age King's Sword (Human)  - North Door

Golden Age <weapontype> Damage: 157 - 210
Combat Delay: 18
Vigor Cost: 25
Minimal Level: 38

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab