Crypt Keys I


Quest Name: Crypt Keys I

Requirements: Level 50+


            % based XP - 5% needed to level - Non repeatable

Time Limit: 10 Hours

Reset Timer: None

Start Location: Zroth (58.0S, 57.8E), west of Realaidain


Zroth tells you,
"Ah, one of our noble guests from Dereth. Stay, brave adventurer, I am not your enemy. Indeed, I wish to be your friend. Please, calm yourself, and speak to me again if you are interested in a... business proposition."

Speak to him again to start the quest

Zroth tells you,
"There are certain ... articles of value... stored within vaults buried beneath yonder mansion's graveyard. For one reason and another, we have been unable, thus far, to open the sealed doors guarding the treasure. If you can obtain the keys to the crypt from the demented spirit guardian who watches over them, you will be greatly rewarded!"

Make your way into the front door to the Realaidain Estate and speak to Aldemon once inside.

Aldemon tells you,
"Heeheeeheee.... What have we here? A tourist from Dereth? Come to Knorr to sightsee, is it? You're sure you're not one of those treacherous Falatacot? No, no, I see you are not that powerful. Heeheehee."

Continue talking to him until the quest advances complete.

Aldemon tells you,
"What? The crypts? Yes, indeed, it is my trust to guard the keys. No vile Felsister, brutal Thrall, or sly Falatacot can sneak the keys from my clutches.... But to let a tourist from Dereth enter the crypts? I have no instructions about you. Well... perhaps it is all right to let you in."
"Eh, what? You want the keys? Certainly, certainly, but first you must do me a service! Mallenos is constantly complaining about the state of the estate wards. Speak to him and repair the problem, and I will let you enter the Crypt. You'll find him hiding around here someplace."

Make your way through the door to the north side of the room, upon entering click the middle book case on your left and enter the secret door. once inside speak to Mallenos, he will start a Quest called Trace the Bounds which you must complete to convince Aldemon to give you the Crypt Key. Once you have completed Mallenos quest return to Aldemon to advance the quest and recive the Crypt key.

Aldemon tells you,
"Eh, what? You want the keys? Certainly, certainly! I know you have done Mallenos a service already. Here they are. Make sure you keep them safe from the Falatacot and their minions!"

Crypt Key

Take the key back to Zroth (58.0S, 57.8E) and hand it to him, you may want to stay mounted for this part for a quick getaway.

Zroth tells you,
"Hahaha! At last! Soon we will have the power we need to transform all of Knorr! Then Dereth, and after that, all of Auberean will fall before us! What? Are you still here? Oh yes, your reward. In recognition of your noble and gallant deeds, I grant you... a swift death!"

Do not return to speak to Zroth again as he will only repeat the process of sending you to the same location, instead return to Aldemon and tell him of Zroths deceit.

Aldemon tells you,
"Heeheehee! I may be old, and I may be dead, but I'm not stupid! Sad guardians we would be if we gave the true key to the crypt away to just anyone who came asking for it. Well, I guess both you and that Falatacot have learned your lessons by now."

Speak to Aldemon again for Crypt Keys 2

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab