Crypt Keys II


Quest Name: Crypt Keys II

Requirements: Level 50+


            % based XP - 5% needed to level

Time Limit: 10 Hours

Reset Timer: Non-repeatable

Start Location: Aldemon - Inside Realaidain Estates North Entrance


Aldemon tells you,
"Oho, <playername>, do you still wish to enter the ancient crypts of Asheron's lineage? Well, perhaps I will let you in, but after that last fiasco with Zroth, you will understand if I impose a small test of your determination."

Speak to Aldemon again.

Aldemon tells you,
"So. I want these wicked Falatacot and their vile minions gone from here. They will creep back, I have no doubt, but I want you to teach them a lesson. Come back when you have done my bidding."

Aldemon gives you the quest Aldemon's Slaughterfest, in which you have a 3 Hour time limit to kill 100 of various creatures that surround the estate. The quest will complete once you have killed the last one. Note: not all count towards the advances so choose your targets wisely. Also it is wise to pair up or form a small fellowship for this portion of the questline, You do NOT have to be bridged to get an advance from others in your fellowship.

Once you have completed this task return to Aldemon and speak to him.

Aldemon tells you,
"Heehee. I smell their deaths on your hands. Perhaps they will return from their corrupted lifestones to plague us once more, but, speaking professionally as a tormented spirit, I should say you have taught them a rather severe lesson indeed. I have one last task for you, though. Slay that rascal Zroth. He offends me. The Falatacot are foul, wretched, vile, repulsive excuses for Empyreans, but they do have some standards. Challenge him in the name of Asheron, and he will consent to fight you."

You must now challenge Zroth (58.0S, 57.8E) who is west of Realaidain Estates to a duel.

Zroth tells you,
"Aagh! You loathsome beast! Why do you keep plaguing me? Very well, I accept your challenge. Come with me to the place of your death!"

Zroth has 6700HP/6700Vig. Bring a health over time potion to make this fight a little easier. Speak to Zroth to be instantly teleported to a small room. It is possible to use the layout to your advantage and line of sight to allow yourself time to use heal spells and potions. Once you have defeated him exit using the portal at the opposite end, it will drop you near the north entrance to the estate. Enter the Estate and once more speak to Aldemon to recieve your reward.

Aldemon tells you,
"Well done! I can hear Zroth's soul screaming and cursing as he joins the queue at his lifestone even now! Very well, you may enter the crypt. Key? What key? Just open the door, why don't you?"

Once this quest is completed you will now be able to access Asheron's Crypt Quest (there is no starter for this quest, and a group is required)

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab