Aldemon's Slaughterfest


Quest Name: Aldemon's Slaughterfest

Requirements: Level 50+


            % based XP - 2% needed to level

Time Limit: 3 Hours

Reset Timer: 2 Day Reset - Repeatable

Start Location: Aldemon - Inside Realaidain Estates North Entrance


Aldemon tells you,
"So. I want these wicked Falatacot and their vile minions gone from here. They will creep back, I have no doubt, but I want you to teach them a lesson. Come back when you have done my bidding."

Aldemon gives you the quest Aldemon's Slaughterfest, in which you have a 3 Hour time limit to kill 100 of various creatures that surround the estate.

Note: not all count towards the advances so choose your targets wisely. Also it is wise to pair up or form a small fellowship for this portion of the questline, You do NOT have to be bridged to get an advance from others in your fellowship.

The quest text will change:

50+ a aweful lot of kills left to go
30+ a lot of kills left to go
10+ a fair number of kills left to go
under 10 Not many kills left
One more kill!

The creatures that can advance the quest but is not limited to:

As far as what is known the Spawn class creatures int he area does not advance the quest and should be avoided.

In the Northeast near the Primus Portal is a good location for a small fellowship as the respawn are fairly quick.

The quest will complete once you have killed the last one. If you are on the Crypt Keys II quest return to Aldemon  inside Realaidain Estates North Entrance for the next portion of that quest.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab and Widgeon