Trace the Bounds


Quest Name: Trace the Bounds

Requirements: Level 50+


            % based XP - 2% needed to level, unknown Max cap.

Time Limit: 4 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Day Reset

Start Location: Mallenos , Inside Realaidain Estates, enter front door, take north door, enter secret passage behind book case on left.


Mallenos tells you,
"Aaaah... vile interloper... leave me in peace.... Wait! You are no Falatacot! If you are not in league with those loathsome sorcerers, please, help us... go to the 6 ward towers around this estate. Remove the ward stones. Return to the shrine here to re-energize them, then return them to their towers. This will reactivate the estate defenses...."

You have been tasked to retrieve a Dead Ward Stone from each of the six defense towers that surround Realaidain Estates and return to Mallenos' room to energize them using the Ward Shrine inside then exiting by using the portal near by. The stones do not stack so make sure you have six slots available. The majority of the defense towers are guarded by various numbers of creatures 2-8. It is best to have a few extra slots for mounts if you do not have the hero mount available.

Dead Ward Stone

  • 6 - Sextus - 57.7S, 58.8E (north from Front Entrance of Realaidain Estate)
  • 1 - Primus - 57.8S, 59.8E
  • 2 - Secundus - 59.9S, 59.9E
  • 3 - Tertius - 60.6S, 58.7E
  • 4 - Quartus - 60.5S, 57.8E
  • 5 - Quintus - 59.1S, 57.6E

This process will turn the Dead Ward Stones into Empowered Ward Stones.

Empowered Ward Stone

You can also use the underground alternative, its more difficult than I have posted above, but here is the map for it.

Once they are empowered return them to the pedestals. The stones are all of same name so order does not matter. Once you return the last Empowered Ward Stone to its pedestal the quest will complete. If you are on the Crypt Keys I quest return to Aldemon inside the front entrance to the estate for the next step. 

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab