Dreams of Orulaan (Group)


Quest Name: Dreams of Orulaan (Group)

Requirements: Level 50, completed Alms Giving, Sentience Lost and Torment


            % based XP - 1% needed to level
            Ring of Orulaan

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Day Reset

Start Location: Disciple of Orulaan(13.9N, 48.5W), northeast of Star Beacon


Disciple of Orulaan tells you,
"Orulaan's incipient Ascendance has provoked the attention of the gromnarocs, mighty in their wickedness. They invade Orulaan's dreams, seeking to distract him from his quest. In the name of the Light, you must slaughter all those who would interfere with the rise of the Gromnatross!"

"Beware, friend, the gromnarocs are powerful creatures, and it may be better for you to attempt this task with allies."

Your task is to slay 10 Ivory Gromnaroc and 10 Amethyst Gromnaroc. Both of these can be found in the north half of the Central Arramora Plateau. If you let the quest fail you will need to wait the full 6 day reset time, if for some reason you are unable to complete cancel the quest as there is no wait time to restart.

Disciple of Orulaan tells you,
"Wonderful! I sense a deeper calmness in Orulaan's dreams already! You have done very well, friend. You and your fellows may speak to me again for your reward."

Speak to him once more.

"Here, please accept this ring of power, enchanted by bathing it in the distilled perspiration of the great Orulaan himself!"

Ring of Orulaan Orullan's Fortitude: Your ability to respond to magical healing has increased, increasing your healing response by 12%

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

Special thanks to: Myranda