Quest Name: Torment

Requirements: Level 50, completed Alms Giving and Sentience Lost


           % based XP, 8.0% needed to level

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Day Reset

Start Location: Disciple of Orulaan(13.9N, 48.5W), northeast of Star Beacon


Disciple of Orulaan tells you,
"More and more evil gromnies are gathering to shriek at Orulaan in his sleep. I can prepare a soothing balm from their teeth. For the sake of the Light, you must obtain a selection of gromnie teeth."

You have been tasked to collect 5 Ivory Gromnie Teeth from Ivory Gromnie Nestlings and 5 Amethyst Gromnie Teeth from Amethyst Gromnie. Ivory Gromnie can be found along the east side of Arramora. The Amethyst Gromnies can be found along the west side of Arramora and upon the central plateu.

An alternative location for these creatures is to enter the Mysterious Portal at (29.7S, 50.2W) on the coast of Northwest Malthabbor, there are large groups of Ivory and Amethyst here that will drop the quest items needed.

This quest is very time consuming and you may run out of time in the process of gathering your teeth, save the teeth if your time runs out and allow the quest to reset and restart the quest line.

5x Ivory Gromnie Tooth
5x Amethyst Gromnie Tooth

Disciple of Orulaan tells you,
"I can sense the Light within your soul, my friend! Soon Orulaan will rise above the clouds! But first, there is more work to be done."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab