Alms Giving


Quest Name: Alms Giving

Requirements: Level 50


      % based XP - 1% needed to level

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Day Reset

Start Location: Menaluc (12.3N, 49.3W), near Star Beacon


Menaluc tells you,
"At last, I have collected enough donations to send to the Disciple! But there are many evil beasts and monsters on tthe way. Please, would you help me?"
"The Disciple makes his camp on a high mesa close to the great Orulaan's nest, near 14N, 48.5W. Please bring this bag to him."

You have been tasked to deliver a bag of gold to a Disciple of Orulaan(13.9N, 48.5W). Travel northeast of Menaluc's location until you reach the mesa's when you look upwards you will see Orulaan or the Disciples name when you are close. Under Orulaan is a pathway that will lead you atop the mesa.

Alms Bag

Hand the Alms Bag to the Disciple of Orulaan to complete the quest and gain your reward.

Disciple of Orulaan tells you,
"Ah, so Menaluc has been successful. These funds will be useful to us. The great Orulaan requires silks to brush the sweat of his fevered dreams from his blessed brow, and Carenzi to feed his body as he prepares for Ascendence, and these things do not come cheap."
"I believe I can sense the Light illumining your spirit, friend. If you would serve the Light further, speak to me again, as there are services to be performed for the great Orulaan that I cannot do myself."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

11/10/2013 updates by: Grudge