The Slavetaker's Head (Group)


Quest Name: The Slavetaker's Head (Group)

Requirements: Level 13


      4000 XP
      1000 Quest Points
      Toadfang Earring

Time Limit: None

Reset Timer: 48 Hour Reset

Start Location: Counselor of the New Drudge Republic(0.4N, 18.4E), Eastern Prosper Outpost


Counselor of the New Drudge Republic tells you,
"The Burun slime... They fooled our people into worshipping them as gods. But they aren't, and we'll prove it! They can be killed, just like anyone else!"
"What, us? No, we are too weak. But you... You are strong! Now go kill a Slavetaker and bring us its head!"

Kill a Burun Slavetaker in the canyons around the King Toad Idol (2.5N, 17.8E)

Each member of your group will need to make a kill and loot the head, make sure(absolutely sure) you have recieved a quest advance for each before leaving from the King Toad Idol area.

  Burun Slavetaker's Head 

Give the head to any of the Counselor of the New Drudge Republic to complete the quest and recieve your reward.

Counselor of the New Drudge Republic tells you,
"Aiie! Now our people will see the Burun are mortal! And his teeth will make fine jewelry. Take this earring... It will protect you from harm."

  Toadfang Earring  Enhances your reflexes / Spellcraft: 1

Completing this quest will advance your Seek the Drudge Counselors quest.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab