Seek the Drudge Counselors


Quest Name: Seek the Drudge Counselors

Requirements: Level 13


500 XP

300 QP

Time Limit: 48 Hours

Reset Timer: 24 Hour Reset

Start Location: Dantry the First Warder (7.4N, 15.4E), Prosper Marches


Dantry the Warder tells you,
"If your interested, there are some Drudge Heretics, who have apparently rebelled against their religion, at 0.6N x 18.6E. I haven't had time to talk to them myself, but I would be curious to hear what they have to say."

Travel to Eastern Prosper Outpost(0.6N, 18.6E) and speak to a Counselor of the New Drudge Republic, there will be more than one but all will advance the quest.

They will give you the quest The Slavetaker's Head which you will have to do and return to them. This will advance the quest and allow you to return to Dantry the First Warder (7.4N, 15.4E) to complete the quest.

Dantry the Warder tells you,
"Very interesting. I thank you for your diligence."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab