The Illuminated Manuscript (Group Quest)


Quest Name: The Illuminated Manuscript (Group Quest)

Requirements: Level 10+ / 20 Intended


      2000 XP
      1500 Quest Points
      Asheron's Sigil Key 

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 24 Hour reset

Start Location: Dantry the First Warder(7.4N, 15.4E), Prosper Marches


Dantry the Warder tells you,
"I see you've been of help to our organization. I'm much obliged. I could use your help, myself. I've been trying to find out some more about Drudge religious beliefs, because they seem to have gained a lot of power in their fanatical worship. There's a Drudge holy figure of sorts in a cave at 4N x 16.8E. This "Illuminated Drudge" has been compiling a manuscript of their religious beliefs, and I think I could get a lot of useful information out of that. Can you get the book for me? You don't even have to kill the Drudge itself, I just want the book."

Head to the Illuminated Drudge Cave at (4.0N, 16.8E) and enter the portal.

Illuminated Drudge Cave Map

After making your way through the dungeon and collecting the Illuminated Drudge's Manuscript exit the dungeon and back track to Dantry the Warder(7.4N, 15.4E) to complete the quest by handing the manuscript to him to recieve your reward.

  Illuminated Drudge's Manuscript 

Dantry the Warder tells you,
"Superb! It's a good thing I've spent so much time studying their language... I'll wager you could make neither heads nor tails of this, eh? Here is your reward."

  Asheron's Sigil

Follow on quest: Seek the Drudge Counselors

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab