Seek the Warder Captain


Quest Name: Seek the Warder Captain

Requirements: Level 10


0 XP

Time Limit: 48 Hours

Reset Timer: 24 Hour Reset

Start Location: Warder Scout (14.0N, 0.6E), Molwirth


Warder Scout tells you,

"My Captain in the Warder's Hideout at 20.6 N x 14 E can tell you how to use that."

The Warder Captain located in the Warder's Hideout at (20.6N, 14.0E), Take the Gateway to Shoushi (14.0N, 0.2E), then take the Gateway to Cavendo, here you will take the Citadel Ringway to the Southwest Outpost (16.1N, 27.8E) then take the Citadel Ringway to the Northwest Citadel (14.7N, 13.2E). Once through head east you will see the Warder Hideout on your mini-map located at (20.6N, 14.0E).

Warder's Hideout Map

Inside the Warder Hideout dungeon you will encounter:
Vengeful Lasher (Level 15), Brutal Lasher (Level 15), and Relentless Lasher (Level 17)

After entering the Hideout, follow the caves until you come to a spiral ramp, at the top and down a short path you find the Warder Captain.

Warder Captain tells you,

"Ah, were you sent here by one of our scouts? If you're looking for access to our Asherons Caches, I'll have to ask you a favor first. The Drudges have been receiving aid from an unknown source, in the form of fortifying potions. Can you go to their fort at 19.5N, 21.0E and steal a Drudge Potion for me? It will likely be in a locked chest, so you'll have to kill one of their guards. You will be rewarded for your assistance."

Follow on quest: Drudge Potion Raid

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David

Updated 10/22/2013