Isle of Tears Drudge Fort (Group)


Quest Name: Isle of Tears Drudge Fort (Group)

Requirements: Level 10+


600 XP
350 Quest Points
Cobalt Vault Glyph

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 24 Hour Reset

Start Location: Warder Corporal (22.6N, 1.4E), Rithwic


Warder Corporal tells you,
"While stationed here, I`ve monitored strange Drudge activities on the Isle of Tears. I have a reconnaissance mission for you: On the other side of this lake is a narrow channel you can swim to the Isle of Tears. Explore the Isle, and let me know what you find.
You should band with a fellowship for this task - I`ve seen many of the darker-orange blips on my compass. When I examined them, their names were dark- orange. I know now there are creatures on that island no one should try to take on alone."

The Isle of Tears is located directly north of the Warder Corporal. It is best to go back towards Rithwic's portal area and then towards the island so you do not have to swim as far. Head to the Drudge Fort on the island located at (26.5N, 0.5E)

Once on the island clear your way into the fort, Once you enter the main gate you will see a Drunken Drudge Sentry, do NOT attack this creature, he will spawn three Secret Drudge Militia. If you do not attack him he will not attack you. At the back of the fort you will find a Manuscript this will advance the quest.


A richly textured battle map showing the region surrounding Lake Blessed. Intricate details on the map show the location of the Isle of Tears Drudge Fort with sharp red arrows pointing towards the town of Cragstone. There seem to be hidden underground tunnels beneth the fort as well. The seals on the map was addressed to the Profound Drudge Mystic from his master, the Illuminated Drudge.

Enter the Underground Tunnels and kill the a Profound Drudge Mystic. There are 3 located at the end but only one is needed to advance the quest.

Underground Tunnels Map

Once you have done this return to the Warder Corporal and hand him the Manuscript.

Warder Corporal tells you,
"You say you found a manuscript addressed to the Profound Mystic Drudge? And then you defeated a Profound Mystic Drudge in the undergroun caverns beneath the Drudge Fort? Quickly, friend, show me the evidence you found in the Drudge Fort! The Isle must be the Drudge`s staging area for an invasion against Cragstone! Congratulations, friend. Your efforts to stop the Drudge attacks shall not go unrecorded. I shall remain here to ensure this Illuminated Drudge sends no more reinforcements to threaten our capital city. I`ll recommend you to my Rithwic associate, for you have proven yourself worthy."
"For now, I must reward you for your time and efforts. If you fellowed with others to complete this mission, tell them to talk to me so I might reward them as well."

 Cobalt Vault Glyph 

Follow on quest: Find the Warder Scout

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab