Find the Warder Scout


Quest Name: Find the Warder Scout

Requirements: Level 10+


 0 XP

Time Limit: 48 Hours

Reset Timer: 24 Hour Reset

Start Location: Warder Corporal (23.9N, 4.3E), Rithwic


The Warder Corporal has refered you to the Warder Scout, Make your way to and through the South Gateway to Cragstone (23.7N, 4.7E), once in Cragstone take the South Gateway to Molwirth (32.0N, 12.7W). The Warder Scout is located at (14.0N, 0.6E).

Speak to the Warder Scout  (14.0N, 0.6E) to complete this quest.

Follow on quest: The Warder Scout's Notebook

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David

Updated 10/22/2013