Old Cragstone Excavation Quest (Group)


Quest Name: Old Cragstone Excavation Quest (Group)

Requirements: Level 9


350 XP
200 QP
Flury, a 3 hour long attack speed buff.

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Warder of Cragstone (32.8N, 12.7W), Cragstone


Warder of Cragstone tells you,
"The Drudges have been ransacking the Old Cragstone Excavation -- we must intercept anything they might have found. Journey to the excavation and interogate any Drudges you may find. If any of them refuse to parley, you have the Warder;s permission to confiscate their goods! I strongly encourage you to join a fellowship for this dangerous mission."

From the Warder of Cragstone head East, exit the east gate out of the city and continue on your path east. you will find the Dungeon at (32.2N, 7.1W).

Inside you will find: Shear Beetles, Drudge Raiders, Drudge Slinkers, Drudge Prowlers, and  Breeder of Pestilence(Boss)

You will most likely require a group for this quest. You will need to collect three items to begin with, Jagged Edge Seal Fragment, a Sharp Seal Fragment, and a Small Seal Fragment. These are a random drop from any Drudge in the dungeon.

Icon Item Name
   Jagged Seal Fragment
  Small Seal Fragment 
   Sharp Seal Fragment

Once you have gathered all three pieces you will need to use these items to create a Cragstone Library Seal, this can be done by opening your Skills window, selecting the Craft tab, scroll down tot the bottom and open Quest Recipes. Use the recipe to create the item

 Cragstone Library Seal 

Once you have created the Cragstone Library seal, it will will allow you to go through the Cragstone Library portal intot he Library. Once here you will see Cragstone Blueprints in the room, pick these up and return to the Warder of Cragstone (32.8N, 12.7W) in Cragstone and hand her the item to recieve your reward.

 Cragstone Blueprints

Warder of Cragstone tells you,
"Why were the Drudges so interested in the plans to our city? A brother Warder has been monitoring the comings and goings of certain Drudges off the coast of the Cobalt Sweeps for weeks now. He may know the answer to our questions. For now I must reward you."

The Warder of Cragstone has tasked you to go speak with the Warder Corporal located in Rithwic at (22.6N, 1.4E) he will begin the quest Isle of Tears Drudge Fort.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

Updated 10/22/2013