Cleanse the Chaos Forge


Quest Name: Cleanse the Chaos Forge

Requirements: Level 50+


      % based XP - 10% needed to level
      Augmented Kingdom Armor
      Kingdom Armor Upgraded
      Hero Star (with use of Chaos Crystal)

Time Limit: 1 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Quest will begin once you speak to the Hammer of Light within the Chaos Forge Dungeon.


This quest was designed for two purposes. First is to alow those without Kingdom affiliation to be able to gain a Star of Heros for the Arramora recall, for that purpose a person will need to complete the Destroy The Chaos Eidolon quest prior to running this dungeon. Second this quest allows those with a Kingdom affiliation the ability to upgrade or create their armor to Kingdom Armor.

Enter the Chaos Plane located at (53.8N 10.2W) in the northern Osteth Battlefield region. You can get to this location from the Northern Arwic Outpost.

Once inside you are now able to Portal Recall directly into the dungeon and directly to any other main portal there after. Travel down the stairs you will find a intersection that has directions notice your radar direction and take the Southeast passage. once you reach the top of this passage you will find a green portal take it to enter the CE/CF areas of the Chaos Plane.

Once you have entered this new area look to your right you will see a small maze of beams that lead to a platform. On the platform you will see a NPC named Tormented Shadow Wraith and behind him will be a portal. Enter the portal to enter the Chaos Forge Dungeon.

Chaos Forge Dungeon Map

Once inside the Chaos Forge Dungeon travel west until you reach the corner killing soloable wisps as you travel, once at the corner travel north until you reach the next corner then travel east, north, east, south then east again. If this seems confusing view the map in the link above. Once you arive near the Forge there will be 3 Group level creatures kill them then make your way north to the unlocked door. Behind the door is the Hammer of Light and the Chaos Forge. DO NOT CLICK ON THE FORGE it will put a debuff on you that will cause 300 damage over time for 5 minutes.

Optional: This next step you will want to (try) and organize your fellowship to have them all click on the hammer once, then once all have have them all speak to him once more together as a group. repeating this process around 11 times. The reason for this is, If a player dies while on a platform and has to run back they can run past the Group level creatures and click the Hammer of Light once and join the group instead of twelve times and risk dieing again from the damage the group creatures cause.

Speak to the Hammer of Light to start the Main quest and Sub quest, Once the last line of text has been posted you and your whole fellowship will be teleported to the First platform "Red".

Hammer of light tells you, Greetings, hero. I am the spirit of the Hammer of Light. Listen well to my words, if you would hear a tale of the ancient dawn of Dereth, a tale which began in the elder days that came before mortals were summoned to Auberean, and has not come to an end even in this debased epoch.

In ancient times, the lords of Light created me as living artifact. They intended to forge items of virtue and power for the greatest of their children. The most powerful of the Empyrean smiths wielded me, and I learned wisdom in their hands. But after many ages passed, the children abandoned their heritage, and the divergent Empyrean tribes lost the way to my Forge.

For eons I languished. The lords of Light turned their countenance away from their foolish children, and the children forgot the wisdom of their forebears. Down through the generations the great Forge of Light was abandoned, unused, hidden, and silent. But then something changed, and I woke from the sleep of ages.

The entities you call the Virin'di discovered my hiding place. They overcame the ancient wards, and carried me off to a hidden retreat in portalspace where they slowly began to build the great machine they would call the Forge of the Dominion. They erected powerful defenses against the children of Light while they attempted to discover my secrets. In time, over many hundreds of years, they slowly learned to create items of power of their own for their mortal followers. Yet they reckoned not with the forces of Shadow.

The sensitive perception of the one you call Bael'Zharon eventually detected my influence in portalspace. The Virin'di of that age had no defenses against the awesome Shadow magic of the Hopeslayer which he thrust beyond the angles of the world into the heart of portalspace.

The Virin'di researchers working on the Forge of the Dominion were quickly overcome by the Shadow onslaught. Their connection to their great Singularity was severed, and without that font of power, they were no match for their attackers. Yet just when victory seemed to be in the hands of the attackers, a last Virin'di Inquisitor, already half-insane due to its disjunction from the Quiddity, managed to wield me as a weapon against the Shadow foe.

Never in an age of ages had I been used as a weapon. The awesome power of the lords of Light, wielded without understanding by a demented servant of the Singularity, smashed the Shadows, broke enchantments, shattered minds, and brought down the very walls of reality.

This region of portalspace was severed from the primary continuum. Like water breaking through a ruptured dam, raw Chaos flooded through the Forge portals from sources beyond the walls of the world. Most of the Shadows and Virin'di present were destroyed, either by the primary onslaught of the Hammer or the secondary effects of the raging tide of Chaos. A few shattered and twisted beings still haunt this region, along with the primal manifestations of Chaos which came from Outside.

Over a few fleeting hundreds of years, the Forge of the Dominion has become a Chaos Forge. Since the efflux of Chaos, this region of portalspace has been isolated... until now. Something has happened to reconnect this region to a more traveled part of the continuum. I have no knowledge of what has transpired outside. My knowledge of the current state of affairs is very limited.

I only know one thing.... I am no longer the Hammer of Light...

... I am now the Hammer of Chaos! Forgive me, mortal, but I cannot control my actions. A force I cannot name requires that I send you to a place prepared for your destruction. Please... if you survive... forgive me... Free me from my bondage, purify the Chaos Forge, and I will serve you if I can.

Prepare yourself!

Red Platform

The first platform you reach will be Red, your whole fellowship will be split up between four locations each group will need to make there way to the center, killing any opposition along the way. Fellowship members who can Mesmerize (Mez) or stun for a period of time, should do so from this point until the end of the quest whenever possible. While making your way to the center of the platform DO NOT go straight from the drop off point, travel the far path as there is a False Floor your members can fall through. Once all have come within range of the center kill the Chaos Golems, Furious Chaos Wisps and keep the Boss Mesmerized if possible. Kill the Uplifted Chaos Golem, once the boss is dead your fellowship will be teleported to the next Platform.

Yellow Platform

The second platform Yellow, is the easiest of the five platforms. travel along the outter edge to the far end killing any opposition along the way of Chaos Golems and Furious Chaos Wisps. Kill the Ascended Chaos Golem to advance to the next platform.

Green Platform

The third platform Green, is inhabited by primarily Furious Chaos Wisps, make your way to the far end killing all wisps along the way. Kill the Resplendent Chaos Golem to advance to the next platform.

Blue Platform

The fourth platform Blue, the best course of action here is to jump across from path to path making your way towards the center, killing all Chaos Golems and Furious Chaos Wisps as you make your way across. Traveling the long way around will be a difficult task as the respawn timers are short. You will end up having to re-kill alot of spawns you killed before by the time you reach the boss. Clear the way to the boss mesmerize as much as your group can. Once your group is focused on the boss have them all on the center platform, there is a chance that you will not get the kill if the majority of your group is to far away. Kill the Exalted Chaos Golem to advance to the final platform.

Purple Platform

The fifth and final platform is Purple(Violet), just as the platform before it kill the Chaos Golems and Furious Chaos Wisps, jumping across towards the center. Kill the Supreme Chaos Golem. Once you kill the boss a Chaos Rift will appear, Double-Click the Rift to advance the quest, if for some reason a fellowship member did not get the advance the Rift will respawn and they will be able to use it. Once all have the advance jump across to the far end and either kill or run past the Chaos Storm or kill it to gain access to the portal back to the Chaos Forge.

Once you are back to the Chaos Forge Speak to the Hammer of Light until the quest completes.

If you are here to gain access to the Arramora Recall or for Kingdom Armor continue reading below.

Hammer of Light tells you, Thank you, hero, for purging the taint of chaos from this place. I fear that the dire influence may yet return, but for the moment, I am at your service.

I am forbidden to communicate some of the more advanced techniques employed by my various ancient masters, but there are several elementary operations which may yet be of interest

First of all, if you have armor forged according to the strictures of the Radiant Temple, I can upgrade those pieces. Simply place the pieces in the forge and they will be enchanted anew.

Secondly, you may forge an entire new suit of Augmented Kingdom armor here. Begin by placing a huge pyreum gem into the forge, and I will then communicate the subsequent steps required to forge the new suit of armor.

Finally, even if you are not affiliated with a Kingdom, you can use the forge to create the relic known as the Star of Heroes. Place a crystalline artifact of chaos in the forge, and I will transform it.

Arramora Recall

 To gain a Star of Heroes you must hand the forge one of two items.

Attuned Chaos Crystal Attained from completing the Destroy the Chaos Eidolon quest
Chaos Power Crystal Attained from the Nature's Ally quest

A Star of Heroes when given to the Star Beacon in Southern Arramora will unlock the Arramora Recall ability.

Arramora Recall

Upgraded Kingdom Armor/ Augmented Kingdom Armor

Hand the forge existing Kingdom Armor (Of your current kingdom or not) to get a free upgrade of your Kingdom Armor to Augmented Kingdom Armor(Current Kingdom). You can hand in imbued or unimbued armor.

To create the armor from scratch without handing in Kingdom Armor you will need the following

1x Huge Pyreum gemstone
1x Chaos Essence
5x Ebon Pyreal
1x Chaos Power Crystal or Attuned Chaos Crystal
100,000 Gold

Augmented Kingdom Armor Stats:

Breastplate - 132 Armor Rating
Greaves - 81 Armor Rating
Helmet - 32 Armor Rating (With Magic Defense)
Gloves - 32 Armor Rating (With Melee Defense)
Boots - 32 Armor Rating (With Missle Defense)

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

11/10/2013 updates by: Grudge