Destroy The Chaos Eidolon


Quest Name: Destroy The Chaos Eidolon

Requirements: Level 47


             40,000,000 XP
             Attuned Chaos Crystal
             Chaos Vortex - 10 Hour buff

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: After completing the Master Vaults of all 3 lower continents and collecting the required parts from each. Enter through the Activated Chaos Portal atop the tower within the Chaos Plane, or by speaking to Rodan (53.7N, 10.1W) near the Ancient Crypt.


Part 1: Master Vault of Omishan - MVoOm

Easiest one, Look Around Sanctuary for Glimmers (Wisps). Have one person in your fellow kill 3 in the following Order:

Deformed Glimmer
Distorted Glimmer
Contorted Glimmer

He will then recieve a Gem that will summon a portal to Omishan Master Vault. All Go there.

This place is a maze, loot the corpses for "Repairing Serums", Murky / Glimmering / Cyan, and use them on the 4 Crystals found throughout the dungeon. You will then be portaled to the boss room.

Kill the boss and retrieve the trophy from his corpse, a Hand Go through the portal that appears for your reward. 5k xp (I am lvl 56) and Crystalized Vitae of Omishan which is +15 luck for 10 mins once every 24 hours.

Part 2: Master Vault of Linvak - MVoL

Find the Gleams (Wisps) on the plains of Stone Shadow, get one member of your fellow to kill them in the following Order:

Contorted Gleam
Deformed Gleam
Distorted Gleam

Use the portal and enter the dungeon, nothing two hard in here, find the 3 Power Conduits and destroy them, then find the portal to the boss room.

Dont forget to retrieve the Eye from the corpse.

Your reward is 50k (I'm lvl 56) and the Crystalized Vitae of Linvak, All healing spells cast on you are at lvl+5 for 10 mins once per day.

Part 3: Master Vault of Osteth - MVoOs

Find the Wisps in the area around the Ancient Crypt (esp along the NE beach), get one member of your fellow to kill them in the following Order:

Deformed Wisp
Distorted Wisp
Contorted Wisp

Get in the dungeon, Proceed to the Accelorater, and use it to go up a level (select it and press F, takes a couple of tries to master), go straight on, collect a Shard if you wish, and use it in the next area to the south to disable some of the defences. Buff up and bring a strong fellow, the next fight is hard.

Kill all his helpers then the boss, dont forget to loot the Heart then proceed to the vault to get your reward, 40million xp and the Crystalized Vitae of Osteth, +50 to AR for 10 mins once per day (all Vitae's trigger the same "once per day" so only 1 per day)

Part 4: The Chaos Plane:

Chaos Eidolon Map

Return to Rytheryn and take the portal into the Chaos Plane, go down the stairs to the bottem, then take the SE route up, take the portal.

You are now in a flat sub area, take the portal to the south, its guarded only by solo mobs and if you read it is "slightly less dangerous", the other two are instant death.

Go up the stairs from here for ages till you get to another level, kill the 2 solo and 1 group mob at the base of the tower then climb the tower.

At the top of the tower hand each of the three trophies you got from the above stages to the chaos portal (be warned he will eat anything you hand him), this will unlock the portal and let you in.

You are now in the Final Boss Room. The Eidolon is lvl 65 with 350k health and a range of well over 5 rader rings, he also uses 5 min debuffs. Make your way around the ramp, you will encounter Chaos Stones (lvl 62, 57500 health). Destroy the Stones first as they have nasty AOEs, then kill the Eidolon. Once he falls to the south of his corpse a chaos rift appears, you must touch it to complete the quest and get your rewards.

Chaos Vortex 10 Hour Buff
Attuned Chaos Crystal Value 100,000. When used heals your health 10,000. This crystal has 6 hours reuse timer. This can be used in Chaos Forge to attain a Star of Heroes (Arramora Nexus bind)

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: Various, Map by: Guimas, Additions by: Skinlab