Recover the Arcanum's Library


Quest Name: Recover the Arcanum's Library

Requirements: Level 15+


      % based XP - 4% needed to level

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Eshivon Ugin located in the Arcanum Vault (38.6N, 25.4W)


Enter the Arcanum Vault and hand one of the Arcanum items to Eshivon Ugin to start the quest. The Arcanum Library items can be found using the various Reckoning Gems found while looting to locate Arcanum Caches. Giving Eshivon Ugin, 500 Gold will give you a poor level Recondite Machine that will allow you to disable the wards protecting the caches, Crafters have the ability to make you one of better quality that gives you less creatures to deal with once a cache is found. You will need all four Library items to complete the quest.

Arcanum Book
Arcanum Codex
Arcanum Scroll
Arcanum Tome

There are books located in the Arcanum Vault that give players a vague brief discription on how to attain the books:

    "Of Arcanum Caches

    We of the Arcanum leave this Vault and this Book as gifts to whatever future generation may find them. Seeing the horror that was upon us, with the Hopeslayer once more set loose, we of the Arcanum have scattered our vast stores of knowledge and artifacts in secret caches throughout Dereth. It is our hope that this will preserve some fragment of our wisdom -- wisdom that you can use to restore this world.Contained in this, the only book we left behind in the Vault, are the secrets of these caches and the means of revealing them.

    Of Caches

    Each cache contains arms, armor, and other artifacts from our treasuries. Each cache also contains a work from our libraries, as knowledge is more important than any artifact. These caches have been scattered near towns and other sites throughout Dereth. The location of each cache has been recorded in a reckoning gem, hundreds of which lie within this Vault.To uncover a cache, you will need to use the correct gem in close proximity to its hidden location. The gem will reveal the dig point for the cache and dissolve, having served its purpose. If you are not at the proper location, the gem will indicate the direction you need to travel.
    Although the reckoning gem will lead you to a dig point, you cannot simply dig up the cache. Wards have been set around each cache to prevent its contents from falling into the wrong hands. In addition, our Lugian members have constructed hundreds of Minions, creatures of rock and stone based on the ancient Empyrean golems, to protect each cache. To defeat these defenders, you will need to use a Recondite Machine to disable the alarm wards.

    Of Recondite Machines

    A Recondite Machine is a complex mechanism that disables the wards disguising a cache and neutralizes the hidden Minions protecting it. It is imperative that the machine be of the highest quality, or it may fail to reveal the cache.Worse, a faulty machine may activate all of a cache's Minion protectors.
    To construct a Recondite Machine, you will need th...

    (This and the remaining pages have been torn from the book.)"

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