Arcanum Caches


Quest Name: Arcanum Caches

Requirements: Level 15+


            Gold coins: 750-15,000
            Arcanum Library Item

Time Limit: 2.5 Hours

Reset Timer: None

Start Location: Travel to the Arcanum Vault at (39.2N 25.6W) near the Hero Shrine in Esper. Talk to Eshivon Ugin inside the vault.


Purchase a Recondite Machine for 500gold from him or you can get one from crafters that have the ability to make you one of better quality that gives you less creatures to deal with once a cache is found. This will enable you to disable the caches wards and gain access to the treasure it holds.

Use looted Reckoning Gems to locate a cache, much like resource maps for crafting they will guide you in the general direction of the cache. Unless you are within the bounds of the area of the cache it will tell you that you are outside the boundaries. Use the Reconing Gem listing to help get you close to the location needed. Once you have found the exact location use the Recondite machine to uncover the Cache. Doing so will unleash various numbers of guardians dependant on the quality of the Recondite Machine used.

Once all Guardians have been killed loot the Arcanum Cache to reap its rewards.

Arcanum Book
Arcanum Codex
Arcanum Scroll
Arcanum Tome

Once you have collected four Arcanum Library items(one of each kind) return to Eshivon Ugin at the Arcanum Vault (39.2N 25.6W) near the Hero Shrine in Esper and hand him one of the items to start the quest Recover the Arcanum's Library.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab