The First Hivekeeper's Journal


Quest Name: The First Hivekeeper's Journal

Requirements: Level 26


            26,000 XP

The Exultant Sting

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Rekemeua (29.0N, 54.9E), Rakani


Rekemeua tells you, "I am pleased to meet you. My name is Shi Rekemeua. I am a Hivekeeper, following the old traditions handed down from generation to generation while we lived in the shelters. It is important to keep the traditions alive! Say, you seem strong. Perhaps you could help us uphold our ways. You will? Thank you! When you are ready for more information, Speak to me again."

You speak to him again:

Rekemeua tells you, "According to the story I heard from the shelters, the first Hivekeeper's journal was kept in some place called the "Adherent's Sanctuary." I do not know how Tiameua's personal journal would end up in such a place. I do not even know where this sanctuary is! Could it be the so-called Crumpled Sanctuary to the north? Anyway, it is said that thie key would unlock a box that contained the journal, if it still exists? It would mean so much to us if we could study directly from Tiameua's original teachings."

Item Recieved

  Battered Key

Make your way to the Crumbled Sanctuary located at (36.7N, 55.4E), Inside you will find Listris Niffis and Glissna Niffis, the path is simple as long as you keep heading straight. once you take the first turn east, quick turn south, then quick turn east again keep heading straight it will lead you to a room of 3-4 Niffis, kill them and enter the door behind them, It will lead you to a room that has a Nefane Broodmother with 4250 HP, under the Broodmother you will see the Battered Chest for the quest.

Once you have killed the Broodmother use the Battered Key on the Battered chest and loot the Mysterious Book.

 Mysterious Book  When you examine the book it reads:
"A book written in an old tonk dialect. You can make out only a few words:"Wharu," the Tumerok god of decay, is referenced often, and something about Timaru, an ancient Tumerok city..."

Return to Rekemeua (29.0N, 54.9E) in Rakani and hand him the book.

Rekemeua tells you, "Its the first Hivekeepers journal! May the swarm spirits bless you! Let me see what it says. ... oh, it is in the old tonk tongue... fortunately I learned this dialect in the shelters. Would you like a transcription? Wait a moment."

"Here is the first part of the book. The rest of the book would be of little interest to you."

"Again I think you. There are many secrets to be gleaned from this text, given enough study. But wait... if the legend of the book was true, then perhaps the legend of her weapon is true also... if you can spare the time to help search for it, please speak with me again."

Speak to Rekemeua again to recieve the quest: The Exultant Sting

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab and Grudge